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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kawther Salam Europa Palestine - Genocide Charges

Yesterday, at almost the same time when Ehud Barak was being given military honors at Ehud Barakthe defense ministry, genocide charges against him were being presented at the office of the Austrian prosecutor, only about 15 minutes walking away.

The charges relate entirely to the Gaza massacre committed between December 2008 and January 2009 by Israeli troops under the command of Ehud Barak, and the whole allegation of crimes in the letter to the prosecutor consists of the so-called “Goldstone Report” itself, and it names as witnesses the members of the commission, judge Goldstone and his colleagues, as well as their interview partners.

At the time when these charges were being presented, the news that an arrest warrant had been issued against Tzipi Livni in the UK had not yet transcended; this only became known in the evening hours, and as of today 15 December, it appears that the Austrian authorities have not taken action against Barak. This could have different grounds. First, the situation of Livni and Barak are different: whereas Livni currently has no function in government, Barak is currently defense minister and vice-premier; First page of criminal charges, with entry stamp of the  prosecutors office.secondly, Austria is still apprehended in the notion that they have a political and moral duty to ensure the security of Israel, whatever Israel does and probably at any cost to Austria, because of understandable yet irrelevant historical facts, third, England has implemented the Rome Statute of the ICC as a national law, whereas this is not the case in Austria yet. Ultimately the main reason why Austria has not taken action in this case might be the almost absence of public discourse around the crimes of Israel, a situation which will most probably evolve to the better.

At the same time, the governments who still support “negotiations” or a “two-state solution” should disabuse themselves of the notion that Israel, with its genocidal and racist to the extreme posture is in any way a partner for negotiations of any kind, be this with us Palestinians or any other party. The experience of over 60 years of occupation has shown that Israel consistently conducts all negotiations in bad faith, and that speaking with them is a fruitless endeavour. It is time for other approaches in order to solve the problems which they have caused during the last 6 or 7 decades.

I see the arrest warrant against Livni as a first step in the right direction, and would very much greet that in the future the discussion around Israel and its unrelenting criminality was less based on misguided notions of “moral duty” and much more on enacted national and international laws, which is what makes out states of law everywhere.

The complete text of the charges are here (PDF, German).

Genocide example: Israeli Army Dog Eats A Palestinian

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Sets Off On Final Journey – Direction Iran | Pakalert Press

How to walk right into a Triad setup for the final conflagration, a New Pearl Harbor, only this one will spell the end of the United States as a Military Power. Only idiots will believe that the Russian Communists would not put and end to the United States when they can conveniently get away with it and the Israelis would not strike a first strike in Iran to start something to that end. That casts Obama as the new Judas Roosevelt.

Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Sets Off On Final Journey – Direction Iran | Pakalert Press

Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Sets Off On Final Journey – Direction Iran

Posted by on March 12, 2012

Today at noon Eastern, the storied aircraft carrier Enterprise, aka CVN-65, left its home port of Naval Station Norfolk one final time for its final voyage with a heading: Arabian Sea, aka Iran. There in a week it will join CVN 72 Lincoln and CVN 70 Vinson, as well as LHD 8 Makin Island, all of which are supporting any potential escalation of “hostilities” in the Persian Gulf region. As a reminder, back in January we learned that the Enterprise’s final voyage will be in proximity to Iran, and in the meantime, the aircraft carrier held extended drills off the Florida coast to attack a “faux theocracy” consisting of fundamentalist “Shahida” states. Why the Arabian Sea in about 7-10 days will be home to not two but three aircraft carriers and a big deck amphibious warfare ship is very much an open question, although we may have some thoughts.

Thousands of sailors will deploy today from Norfolk on the USS Enterprise for the last time on Sunday.

Nearly 5,500 Sailors aboard the ships of the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group (ENT CSG) are scheduled to deploy from Naval Stations Norfolk and Mayport, Fla., March 9, 11 and 12, to support operations with the U.S. Navys 5th and 6th Fleets.

The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65), commanded by Capt. William C. Hamilton Jr., will depart from Naval Station Norfolk for the ships 22nd and final deployment March 11.
CVN 65 will not be alone:

After the Enterprise leaves Sunday, three Norfolk-based guided-missile destroyers will head out Monday — the USS Porter, USS Nitze and USS James E. Williams.

The strike group is commanded by Rear Adm. Ted Carter Jr.

Carrier Air Wing 1, based at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, will be embarked aboard the Enterprise.

The Enterprise was launched September 24, 1960, by Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. and commissioned November 25, 1961.

Its record of high-profile service began with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Since then, it has served in countless missions around the world.

The aircraft squadrons of CVW 1 embarked aboard Enterprise are: Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11 Red Rippers, VFA 136 Knighthawks, VFA 211 Fighting Checkmates, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 251 Thunderbolts, Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 123 Screwtops, Carrier Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VAQ) 137 Rooks, Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40 Rawhides, and Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron (HSL) 11 Dragon Slayers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

La vérité sur la Grèce, par Mikis Theodorakis - Pierre-Olivier Combelles

La vérité sur la Grèce, par Mikis Theodorakis - Pierre-Olivier Combelles

Monday, March 5, 2012

"You should know that war is everywhere, that the fight is justice, and everything is evolving through the fight, according to the normal order of things". Heraclitus of Ephesus

The truth about Greece

by Mikis Theodorakis

An international conspiracy is in progress, aiming to complete the destruction of my country.

The attackers began in 1975 with a target modern Greek culture, then they continued with the dissolution of our recent history and our national identity, and now they are trying to exterminate us physically by unemployment, famine and misery. If the Greek people do not rise to the stop, the risk of extinction of Greece is real. I see it happen in the next ten years. The only thing that will survive our country will be the memory of our civilization and our struggles for freedom.

Until 2009, the economic situation in Greece was nothing very serious. The great plagues of our economy were the reckless spending for the purchase of war material and corruption of part of the political, financial and media. But some of the responsibility belongs also to foreign states, among them Germany, France, England and the United States, who earned billions of euros at the expense of our national wealth by the annual sale of war material . This constant bleeding has crushed and no longer allowed us to move forward, while he was the source of wealth to other countries. You could say the same for the problem of corruption. For example, the German company Siemens had a special branch to corrupt the Greeks, to better position its products in the domestic market. Thus the Greek people was a victim of this duo of German and Greek predators who grew rich at the expense of Greece.

It is obvious that these two great wounds could have been avoided if the leaders of both parties pro-American policies had not been infiltrated by corruption. This wealth, work product of the Greek people, and was drained into the safes of foreign countries. Politicians have tried to compensate for this leakage of money by resorting to excessive borrowing that resulted in a public debt of 300 billion euros, or 130% of GNP (Gross National Product).

By this scam, the foreign earned doubly: first, by selling weapons and their products, and secondly, by interest on money lent to the government (and not the people). As we have seen, the Greek people was the main victim in both cases. A single example will suffice to convince you: in 1986, Andreas Papandreou has borrowed a billion dollars to a bank of a large European country. The interest of this loan have been repaid and that in 2010 they amounted to 54 billion euros.

Last year, Mr Juncker said he had noticed himself the massive financial drain of Greece, which was due to overspending (and forced) to buy war materials - from Germany and France in particular. And concluded that these vendors led us to certain disaster. Alas, he confessed that he did nothing to counteract this, so as not to prejudice the interests of friendly countries!

In 2008, the Great Depression arrived in Europe. The Greek economy has not been spared. However, the standard of living which had previously been high enough (Greece ranked among the 30 richest countries of the world), was virtually unchanged, despite an increase in public debt. Public debt does not necessarily translate into an economic crisis. Debt of major countries like the United States and Germany are estimated at thousands of billions of euros.Determinants of economic growth and production. If these two factors are positive, it is possible to borrow from banks at an interest rate below 5%, until the crisis passes.

In 2009 (November), when the arrival of G. Papandreou to power, we were exactly in this position. To understand what the Greek people think of his disastrous policy today, I quote two figures: the 2009 elections PASOK - the political party of G. Papandreou - won 44% of the vote. Today, polls do not give more than 6%.

Papandreou could cope with the economic crisis (which reflected that of Europe) with loans from foreign banks at the usual rate, that is to say less than 5%. Had he done so, our country would not have had a problem. As we were in a phase of economic growth, our standard of living would be improved.

But Mr. Papandreou had already begun his conspiracy against the people of Greece in summer 2009, when he secretly met with Strauss-Kahn, in order to spend Greece under the tutelage of the IMF. This revelation was disclosed by the former head of the IMF.

To achieve this, the economic situation of our country would be distorted, so that foreign banks are afraid and increase interest rates to loan amounts prohibitive. This expensive operation began with the artificial increase in the public deficit from 12% to 15% for the year 2009 (ndt: Andreas Georgiou, Chairman of the Board of the National Institute of Statistics, ELSTAT, suddenly decided in 2009, without seeking consent or informing its board of directors, to account in calculating the deficit some organizations and enterprises that had never been before in any other European country, except Norway. L The objective was to reduce the deficit of Greece over that of Ireland (14%), so that it is she who acts as a weak link in Europe.) For this package, the prosecutor M . Peponis has referred Mr. Papandreou and Mr. Papakonstantinou (Finance Minister) to justice, 20 days ago.

Then, Mr. Papandreou and Minister of Finance conducted a smear campaign for 5 months, during which they tried to persuade foreigners that Greece is like the Titanic sinking, the Greeks are corrupted , lazy and unable to meet the needs of the country. After each of their statements, interest rates rose, so that Greece can no longer borrow money and to give a character to rescue our adherence to the IMF and the European Central Bank. In reality, it was the beginning of our end.

In May 2010, a Minister, the Finance, signed the famous Memorandum (Mnimònio, in Greek), that is to say, our submission to our lenders. According to Greek law, the adoption of such an agreement needs to be put to the vote and be approved by three fifths of the deputies. Therefore, the Memorandum and the Troika who govern us, work illegally - not only in relation to Greek Law, but also in European Law.

Since then, assuming that our journey towards death is represented by a staircase of 20 steps, we have already traveled more than halfway there.Imagine that the Memorandum gives foreigners our national independence and the public treasure, namely our ports, airports, roads, electricity, water, the natural beauty (underground and underwater) etc.. Even our monuments like the Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus etc.. after giving up all our rights.

Production was slowed, the unemployment rate rose to 18%, 80,000 shops have closed, as thousands of factories and hundreds of crafts. A total of 432,000 businesses went bankrupt. Tens of thousands of young scientists are leaving our country is sinking deeper into the darkness of the Middle Ages.Thousands of people who were well off until a recent time, are now looking for food in garbage and sleeping on the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, we are supposed to live through the generosity of our money lenders, European banks and the IMF. In fact, the entire package of tens of billions of euros paid for Greece, returned to the sender, while we are more indebted because of the interest unbearable. And because it is necessary to maintain function in the state, hospitals and schools, the Troika load and lower middle class of our society to exorbitant taxes that lead directly to famine. The last time we experienced a situation of widespread famine in our country was at the beginning of the German occupation in 1941, with nearly 300 000 deaths in just six months. Today, the specter of famine in our country returns unfortunate and maligned.

If you think the German occupation has cost us a million deaths and complete destruction of our country, how can we accept, we Greeks, threats and Merkel for Germany to impose on us a new Gauleiter ... but this time, this will have a tie ...

The period of German occupation, from 1941 until October 1944, shows how Greece is a country rich, and how the Greeks and workers are aware (sense of commitment to freedom and love for homeland).

When the SS and famine killed one million people and the Wehrmacht destroyed our country, confiscated all agricultural production and the gold of our banks, the Greeks were able to survive through the creation of the National Solidarity Movement and army supporters with 100 000 soldiers, which has selected 20 German divisions in our country.

At the same time, the Greeks not only did they survive thanks to their diligence, but there are held in conditions of occupation, a great development of modern Greek art, especially in the field of literature and music.

Greece has chosen the path of sacrifice for freedom and survival at the same time.

We were attacked, we responded with solidarity and resistance and we survived. We are now exactly the same thing, with the certainty that the Greek people will eventually win. This message is sent to Merkel and Schäuble, stressing that I remain a friend of the German people and a great admirer of his contribution to science, philosophy, art and music in particular.The best proof of this is that I entrusted my entire musical work in two German publishers, Breitkopf and Schott, who are among the largest publishers in the world, and working with them is very friendly.

They threaten to kick us out of Europe. If they will not after us, it is ten times that we do not want to be part of Europe, Merkel and Sarkozy.

Today, Sunday, February 12, me and Manolis Glezos - the hero who snatched the swastika from the Acropolis, thus signaling the beginning not only of the Greek resistance, but also European resistance against Hitler - we we prepare to participate in a demonstration in Athens. Our streets and squares will be filled with hundreds of thousands of people who express their anger against the government and the Troika.

I heard yesterday the Prime Minister-banker said, addressing the Greek people, that we almost hit rock bottom. But that led us to this point in two years? These are the same who, instead of being in jail, threaten MPs to vote for the new Memorandum worse than the first, which will be applied by the same people that brought us to where we are. Why? Because that's what the IMF and the Eurogroup require us to make, threatening us that if we do not obey, it's bankruptcy ... Here we play the theater of the absurd. Circles that hate us (Greek and foreign) and are solely responsible for the plight of our country, threaten us and blackmail us, in order to continue their destructive work, until our final extinction.

Over the centuries we have survived in very difficult conditions. Certainly, the Greeks will not only survive, but they will also revive if they lead us to force the penultimate step of the stairs before death.

Now I devote all my strength to unite the Greek people. I try to convince him that the Troika and the IMF are not one-way street. There is another solution: change the orientation of our nation. Turn to Russia for economic cooperation and building partnerships that will help us showcase the wealth of our country in terms favorable to our national interest.

I suggest not to buy military equipment from German and French. We will do everything for us that Germany pay the war reparations due. These repairs amount, with interest, to 500 billion euros.

The only force capable of these revolutionary changes, the Greek people in a united front of resistance and solidarity to the Troika (IMF and European banks) is flushed out of the country. In parallel, we must consider as invalid all his illegal acts (loans, debts, interest, taxes, purchases of public wealth).Of course, their Greek partners - who have been convicted in the minds of our people as traitors - must be punished.

I am fully focused on this goal (People's Union in a Front) and I am confident we will achieve it. I fought with weapons in hand against the Nazi occupation.I saw the dungeons of the Gestapo. I was sentenced to death by the Germans and I miraculously survived. In 1967, I founded MAP (Patriotikò Mètopo - Patriotic Front), the first resistance organization against the military junta. I fought underground. I was arrested and imprisoned in "slaughter" of the policy of the junta. Finally, I still survived.

Today I am 87 years old, and it is very likely that I will not be alive on the day of the rescue of my beloved homeland. But I will die with a clear conscience, because I will continue until the end to do my Duty to the ideals of Liberty and Law.

Athens, 12.02.2012

Mikis Theodorakis

Translated from Greek by Georgios Sgourdos "Spitha" Spark-Lausanne, Switzerland. Proofreading: Guy Wagner

Mikis Theodorakis

Lundi 5 mars 2012

"Il faut savoir que la guerre est partout, que la lutte est justice, et que tout est en devenir par la lutte, selon l'ordre normal des choses". Héraclite d'Ephèse

La vérité sur la Grèce

par Míkis Theodorákis

Un complot international est en cours, visant à mener à terme la destruction de mon pays.

Les assaillants ont commencé en 1975, avec comme cible la culture grecque moderne, puis ils ont poursuivi par la dissolution de notre histoire récente et de notre identité nationale, et aujourd’hui ils essaient de nous exterminer physiquement par le chômage, la famine et la misère. Si le peuple grec ne se soulève pas pour les arrêter, le risque de disparition de la Grèce est bien réel. Je la vois arriver dans les dix prochaines années. Le seul élément qui va survivre de notre pays sera la mémoire de notre civilisation et de nos luttes pour la liberté.

Jusqu’en 2009, la situation économique de la Grèce n’avait rien de très grave. Les grandes plaies de notre économie étaient les dépenses immodérées pour l’achat du matériel de guerre et la corruption d’une partie du monde politique, financier et médiatique. Mais une part de responsabilité appartient aussi aux États étrangers, parmi eux l’Allemagne, la France, l’Angleterre et les États-Unis, qui gagnaient des milliards d’euros au dépens de notre richesse nationale par la vente annuelle de matériel de guerre. Ce saignement constant nous a écrasés et ne nous permettait plus d’aller de l’avant, alors qu’il était la source d’enrichissement d’autres pays. On peut dire la même chose pour le problème de la corruption. Par exemple, l’entreprise allemande Siemens avait une branche spéciale pour corrompre des Grecs, afin de mieux placer ses produits sur le marché national. Ainsi le peuple grec a été victime de ce duo des prédateurs allemands et grecs qui s’enrichissaient au dépens de la Grèce.

Il est évident que ces deux grandes plaies auraient pu être évitées si les dirigeants des deux parties politiques pro-américains n’avaient pas été infiltrés par la corruption. Cette richesse, produit du travail du peuple grec, était ainsi drainée vers les coffres-forts de pays étrangers. Les politiciens ont essayé de compenser cette fuite d’argent par un recours à des emprunts excessifs qui résultaient en une dette publique de 300 milliards d’euros, soit 130% du PNB (Produit National Brut).

Par cette arnaque, les étrangers gagnaient doublement : d’une part, par la vente d’armes et de leurs produits, et d’autre part, par les intérêts sur l’argent prêté au gouvernement (et non pas au peuple). Comme nous l’avons vu, le peuple grec était la principale victime dans les deux cas. Un seul exemple suffira pour vous convaincre : en 1986, Andreas Papandreou a emprunté un milliard de dollars à une banque d’un grand pays européen. Les intérêts de cet emprunt n’ont été remboursés qu’en 2010 et ils s’élevaient à 54 milliards d’euros.

L’année passée, M. Juncker a déclaré qu’il avait remarqué lui-même l’hémorragie financière massive de la Grèce qui était due aux dépenses excessives (et forcées) pour l’achat de matériel de guerre – de l’Allemagne et la France en particulier. Et il a conclu que ces vendeurs nous conduisaient à un désastre certain. Hélas, il a avoué qu’il n’a rien fait pour contrecarrer cela, afin de ne pas nuire aux intérêts des pays amis !

En 2008, la grande crise économique est arrivée en Europe. L’économie grecque n’a pas été épargnée. Cependant, le niveau de vie qui était jusque-là assez haut (la Grèce se classait parmi les 30 pays les plus riches du monde), est resté pratiquement inchangé, malgré une augmentation de la dette publique. La dette publique ne se traduit pas nécessairement par une crise économique. La dette des grands pays tels que les États-Unis et l’Allemagne sont estimées à des milliers de milliards d’euros. Les facteurs déterminants sont la croissance économique et la production. Si ces deux facteurs sont positifs, il est possible d’emprunter auprès des grandes banques à un taux d’intérêt inférieur à 5%, jusqu’à ce que la crise soit passée.

En 2009, (en novembre), au moment de l’arrivée de G. Papandréou au pouvoir, nous étions exactement dans cette position. Pour faire comprendre ce que le peuple grec pense aujourd’hui de sa politique désastreuse, je cite deux chiffres : aux élections de 2009 PASOK - le parti politique de G. Papandreou - a remporté 44% des voix. Aujourd’hui, les sondages ne lui donnent plus que 6%.

M. Papandréou aurait pu faire face à la crise économique (qui reflétait celle de l’Europe) avec des prêts de banques étrangères au taux habituel, c’est-à-dire inférieur à 5%. S’il l’avait fait, notre pays n’aurait pas eu de problème. Comme nous étions dans une phase de croissance économique, notre niveau de vie se serait amélioré.

Mais M. Papandréou avait déjà commencé sa conspiration contre le peuple grec en été 2009, lorsqu’il a rencontré secrètement M. Strauss-Kahn, dans le but de passer la Grèce sous la tutelle du FMI. Cette révélation a été divulguée par l’ancien président du FMI.

Pour y arriver, la situation économique de notre pays devait être déformée, afin que les banques étrangères aient peur et augmentent les taux d’intérêt de prêt à des montants prohibitifs. Cette opération onéreuse a commencé avec l’augmentation artificielle du déficit publique de 12% à 15% pour l’année 2009 (n.d.t : M. Andreas Georgiou, président du conseil d’administration de l’Institut National de Statistique, ELSTAT, a subitement décidé en 2009, sans demander l’accord, ni informer son conseil d’administration, de comptabiliser dans le calcul du déficit public certains organismes et entreprises publiques qui ne l’avaient jamais été auparavant dans aucun autre pays européen, excepté la Norvège. L’objectif était de faire passer le déficit de la Grèce au-dessus de celui de l’Irlande (14%), afin que ce soit elle qui joue le rôle de maillon faible de l’Europe.) Pour ce forfait, le procureur M. Pepònis a déféré M. Papandréou et M. Papakonstantinou (ministre des Finances) à la justice, il y a 20 jours.

Ensuite, M. Papandréou et le ministre des finances ont mené une campagne de discrédit pendant 5 mois, au cours de laquelle ils ont essayé de persuader les étrangers que la Grèce est, comme le Titanic, en train de couler, que les Grecs sont corrompus, paresseux et donc incapables de faire face aux besoins du pays. Après chacune de leurs déclarations, les taux d’intérêt montaient, afin que la Grèce ne puisse plus faire des emprunts et afin de donner un caractère de sauvetage à notre adhésion au FMI et à la Banque Centrale Européenne. En réalité, c’était le début de notre fin.

En mai 2010, un ministre, celui des finances, a signé le fameux Mémorandum (Mnimònio, en grec), c’est-à-dire notre soumission à nos prêteurs. D’après le Droit grec, l’adoption d’un tel accord nécessite d’être mis aux voix et d’être approuvé par les trois cinquièmes des députés. Donc, le Mémorandum et la Troïka qui nous gouvernent, fonctionnent illégalement - non seulement par rapport au Droit grec, mais aussi au Droit européen.

Depuis lors, en supposant que notre parcours vers la mort soit représenté par un escalier de 20 marches, nous avons déjà parcouru plus de la moitié du chemin. Imaginez que le Mémorandum accorde aux étrangers notre indépendance nationale et le trésor publique, à savoir : nos ports, nos aéroports, le réseau routier, l’électricité, l’eau, toute la richesse naturelle (souterraine et sous-marine) etc. Même nos monuments historiques, comme l’Acropole, Delphes, Olympie, Epidaure etc. après avoir renoncé à tous nos droits.

La production a été freinée, le taux de chômage a grimpé à 18%, 80 000 magasins ont fermé, tout comme des milliers d’usines et des centaines d’artisanats. Un total de 432 000 entreprises ont déposé leur bilan. Des dizaines de milliers de jeunes scientifiques quittent notre pays qui s’enfonce de plus en plus dans les ténèbres du Moyen Age. Des milliers de personnes qui étaient aisés jusqu’à un temps récent, sont maintenant à la recherche de nourriture dans les ordures et dorment sur le trottoir.

Entretemps, nous sommes censés vivre grâce à la générosité de nos prêteurs d’argent, les banques européennes et le FMI. En fait, l’intégralité du paquet de dizaines de milliards d’euros versé pour la Grèce, retourne à son expéditeur, tandis que nous sommes de plus en plus endettés à cause des intérêts insupportables. Et parce qu’il est nécessaire de maintenir en fonction l’État, les hôpitaux et les écoles, la Troïka charge la classe moyenne et inférieure de notre société de taxes exorbitantes qui mènent directement à la famine. La dernière fois que nous avons vécu une situation de famine généralisée dans notre pays était au début de l’occupation allemande, en 1941, avec près de 300 000 morts en six mois seulement. De nos jours, le spectre de la famine revient dans notre pays infortuné et calomnié.

Si vous pensez que l’occupation allemande nous a coûté un million de morts et la destruction complète de notre pays, comment pouvons-nous accepter, nous les Grecs, les menaces de Mme Merkel et l’intention des allemands de nous imposer un nouveau Gauleiter... mais cette fois-ci, il sera porteur d’une cravate...

La période de l’occupation allemande, de 1941 jusqu’à octobre 1944, prouve à quel point la Grèce est un pays riche, et à quel point les Grecs sont travailleurs et conscients (conscience du devoir de liberté et de l’amour pour la patrie).

Lorsque les SS et la famine tuaient un million de personnes et la Wehrmacht détruisait notre pays, confisquait toute la production agricole et l’or de nos banques, les Grecs ont pu survivre grâce à la création du Mouvement de Solidarité Nationale et d’une armée de partisans comptant 100 000 soldats, ce qui a retenu 20 divisions allemandes dans notre pays.

En même temps, non seulement les Grecs ont-ils survécu grâce à leur application au travail, mais il y a eu lieu, dans des conditions d’occupation, un grand développement de l’art grec moderne, en particulier dans le domaine de la littérature et de la musique.

La Grèce a choisi la voie du sacrifice pour la liberté et la survie en même temps.

Nous avons été attaqués, nous avons répondu avec Solidarité et Résistance et nous avons survécu. Nous faisons maintenant exactement la même chose, avec la certitude que le peuple grec sera finalement vainqueur. Ce message est envoyé à Mme Merkel et M. Schäuble, en soulignant que je reste un ami du peuple allemand et un admirateur de sa grande contribution à la science, la philosophie, l’art et la musique en particulier. La meilleure preuve de cela est le fait que j’ai confié l’intégralité de mon œuvre musicale à deux éditeurs allemands, Schott et Breitkopf, qui sont parmi les plus grands éditeurs dans le monde, et ma collaboration avec eux est très amicale.

Ils menacent de nous expulser de l’Europe. S’ils ne veulent une fois pas de nous, c’est dix fois que nous ne voulons pas faire partie de l’Europe de Merkel et Sarkozy.

Aujourd’hui, dimanche 12 février, moi et Manolis Glezos – le héros qui a arraché la croix gammée de l’Acropole, donnant ainsi le signal du début, non seulement de la résistance grecque, mais aussi de la résistance européenne contre Hitler – nous nous préparons à participer à une manifestation à Athènes. Nos rues et nos places vont être remplies de centaines de milliers de personnes qui manifesteront leur colère contre le gouvernement et la Troïka.

J’ai entendu hier le premier ministre-banquier dire, en s’adressant au peuple grec, que nous avons presque touché le fond. Mais qui nous a amené à ce point en deux ans ? Ce sont les mêmes qui, au lieu d’être en prison, menacent les députés, afin qu’ils votent pour le nouveau Mémorandum pire que le premier, qui sera appliqué par les mêmes personnes qui nous ont amenés là où nous sommes. Pourquoi ? Parce que c’est ce que le FMI et l’Eurogroup nous obligent à faire, en nous menaçant que, si nous n’obéissons pas, c’est la faillite... Ici l’on joue du théâtre de l’absurde. Les cercles qui nous haïssent (grecs et étrangers) et qui sont les seuls responsables de la situation dramatique de notre pays, nous menacent et nous font du chantage, afin de pouvoir poursuivre leur œuvre destructrice, jusqu’à notre extinction définitive.

Au cours des siècles, nous avons survécu dans des conditions très difficiles. Il est certain que, non seulement les grecs vont survivre, mais ils vont aussi revivre s’ils nous amènent de force à l’avant-dernière marche de l’escalier avant la mort.

A présent je consacre toutes mes forces à unir le peuple grec. J’essaie de le convaincre que la Troïka et le FMI ne sont pas une route à sens unique. Qu’il y a une autre solution : changer l’orientation de notre nation. Se tourner vers la Russie pour une coopération économique et la formation de partenariats qui nous aideront à mettre en valeur la richesse de notre pays en des termes favorables à notre intérêt national.

Je propose de ne plus acheter du matériel militaire des Allemands et des Français. Nous allons tout faire pour que l’Allemagne nous paie les réparations de guerre dues. Ces réparations s’élèvent, avec les intérêts, à 500 milliards d’euros.

La seule force capable de faire ces changements révolutionnaires, c’est le peuple grec uni en un Front de Résistance et de Solidarité pour que la Troïka (FMI et banques européennes) soit chassée du pays. En parallèle, il faut considérer comme nuls tous ses actes illégaux (prêts, dettes, intérêts, impôts, achats de la richesse publique). Bien sûr, leurs partenaires grecs – qui ont déjà été condamnés dans l’esprit de notre peuple en tant que traîtres – doivent être punis.

Je suis entièrement concentré sur ce but (l’Union du peuple en un Front) et je suis persuadé que nous l’atteindrons. Je me suis battu les armes à la main contre l’occupation hitlérienne. J’ai vu les cachots de la Gestapo. J’ai été condamné à mort par les Allemands et j’ai miraculeusement survécu. En 1967, j’ai fondé PAM (Patriotikò Mètopo - front patriotique), la première organisation de résistance contre la junte militaire. Je me suis battu dans la clandestinité. J’ai été arrêté et emprisonné dans « l’abattoir » de la police de la junte. Finalement, j’ai encore survécu.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai 87 ans, et il est très probable que je ne serai pas vivant le jour du sauvetage de ma patrie bien-aimée. Mais je vais mourir la conscience tranquille, parce que je continuerai jusqu’à la fin de faire mon Devoir envers les idéaux de Liberté et de Droit.

Athènes, 12.02.2012

Mikis Theodorakis

Traduit du grec par Georgios Sgourdos « Spitha »-Etincelle de Lausanne, Suisse. Relecture : Guy Wagner

Míkis Theodorákis

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UniverCIA: Who ever control West Asia controls the world

UniverCIA: Who ever control West Asia controls the world

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who ever control West Asia controls the world

The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy

The Great Game -Renewed. Lord Curzon famously stated ” who ever control West Asia controls the world”. In his view this entailed the exercise of a predominant influence over the destinies of Persia and Afghanistan- a role he reserved for British India. Today we have many nations desperate to aquire that role? NATO and ISAF led by the USA, fighting Al-Qaeda and the Pakhtuns (Taliban); Even Russia and China not ignoring their strategic interests in the area ;and of course the traditional rivals India and Pakistan always ready to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan.This article –and a few others to follow- will look at the issues at stake today - primarily from Pakistan’s point of view.But first an over view of the make up and strategic importance of Central Asia.

The Demo-Graphy Of Central Asia. Once upon a time not so long ago the worlds biggest Empire possessed unimaginable land, wealth and potential. However, lacking the vision to manage what it possessed; it chose the wrong friends and made the wrong enemies resulting in an inevitable humiliation at the hands of a ‘despicable band of holy warriors’. China which should have been it’s biggest helper lifted not a finger to assist; and India which should have been it’s biggest friend shed not a single tear -in fact jumped on to the opposing band wagon with glee.

The monolith fell, and instead of the USSR we suddenly had fifteen sovereign states. In this series of articles we are concerned with only six of them now termed as the Central Asian Republics. They literally had independence thrust upon them –for none of them had lifted even a finger in any show of protest against USSR rule, or showed any solidarity with the coup of Boris Yeltsin. Yet after the events of Dec 1991 they had no choice except to be independent!

Central Asia can be termed ‘central’ as well as ‘a single region’ for more reasons then one. First it comprises most -but not all the territory - of what was formerly known as Turkistan, also as ‘inner Asia’, because of it being a land locked part of Asia; Second culturally and politically it lies in between many distinct civilizations –Roman Christianity to the west; Slavic Christianity and Communistic to the North; Chinese to the East and Islamic to the South. Third demographically and economically too it lies some where in the center –all have high rates of fertility and a high percentages of population engaged in agriculture, low per capita incomes and low rates of labor productivity as well as life expectancy. Fourth all of them have experienced Russian colonial rule and therefore have similar inefficient and corrupt post colonial government structures.

The political structures are highly centralized and based on feudally empowered ruling local elites working with the masters; while the economic structures are based on the classic definition of economic exploitation, in that the colonies were producers and suppliers of cheap agricultural as well as mineral raw material –with the additional imposition of the communistic pattern of organization in that the masters fixed what and how much had to be produced by each region. This also resulted in some startling discrepancies; in that some regions despite their primitive base gained remarkably advanced technological infrastructures and equipment–including nuclear and space technology!

Last but not least like the colonial experience every where else; despite Russian attempts to eradicate their Islamic values, in all these regions, Islam remains deeply embedded in their social and political psyche.This gives rise to ideas of regional and global Islamic unity. Although again - like else where in the Muslim world - what exactly this means remains unclear!

Endless border disputes –again like the legacies left by colonial powers else where- are a source of constant internal friction preventing any unity for common welfare and development. All of Uzbekistan’s borders for instance are in dispute with its neighbors!
The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy
The Mineral Wealth Of Central Asia. -Azerbaijan situated on the Caucasian Isthmus between Armenia and the Caspian Sea, is a major oil producing country.Turkmenistan (488,000 sq. mi) has enormous oil, gas, coal and other natural resources and directly adjoins Afghanistan to the south. Uzbekistan (172,000 sq. mi) also has vast resources in oil, gas, coal, copper and gold; and is a big cotton producer. It too adjoins Afghanistan. Tajikistan (55,000 sq. mi) also has a frontier with Afghanistan, and, has very rich deposits of oil, gas, coal, lead, zinc, uranium, radium etc. Kyrgyzstan Adjoining Tajikistan has a relatively well-developed industrial and agro-industrial base. It has a border with China to its east. Kazakhstan(1,000 000 sq. mi) has absolutely vast reserves of coal, oil, gas, manganese, copper, bauxite, gold, uranium and many other minerals. It is highly developed both agriculturally as well as industrially. Possessing much of the former Soviet aerospace and defense industries, it also has common borders with both Russia and China.

Historically too the region has always been valued for it oil potential alone. The two great World War I oil fields were in Texas and the Caspian Sea region of Imperial Russia. In WW II also Adolph Hitler launched Operation Blau to capture the Caspian Sea oil fields.
The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy
The Strategic Importance Of Afghanistan/Pakistan. In order to appreciate the strategic importance of Afghanistan /Pakistan, we have to first realize that any power which possess the major route for transit of trade revolving round Central Asia’s vast oil, gas and mineral resources will gain immensely in wealth, power and prestige. With this in mind let us have a look at all the likely routes out of the area:

1.The Routes Through The Caspian Sea. These are the most desirable route from the point of view of the EU.They are also the shortest routes out of the area and some have been operational since WW1.More over they allow for the possibility of the trans-shipment to Africa and SE Asia. This route empowers Europe. The more important sub-routes are:

Kazakhstan through Russia to Novorossiysk (Route 1) Built in 1997 by the Caspian Sea Consortium this route helps maintain Russian control of oil shipment from the region.

Old Russian Line from Baku To Novorossiysk (Route 2) .This historic line Chechnya to Novorossiysk was closed because of the Chechens’ continuing struggle. Russia has recently completed a bypass around Chechnya and reactivated the pipeline.

A Wider Northern By-Pass(Route 3).Russia has proposed exporting oil north to join its existing pipeline system at Novorossiysk .This development would remove the pipeline further from Chechnya and help maintain regular flow of Caspian Sea and Kazakh oil.

The Tran Caucasus Route. (Route 4). The Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) built an initial line from Baku through Georgia to the Georgian port of Supsa on the Black Sea. It is pumping a limited amount of oil since l999.This is relatively inexpensive option, but the oil still has to move from Supsa by oil tanker through the Black Sea and the Bosporus. Turkey controls the traffic between the Black and Mediterranean Seas and does not want increased oil tanker traffic through the straits because of environmental concerns. Russia objects to this route because none of the pipeline passes through Russia. Further, this pipeline runs through domains of many fractious mountain tribes.
Pipe Line To Turkish Mediterranean Port Of Ceyhan (Route 5).The AIOC is considering this line. The route runs through Azerbaijan and Armenia, whose war over Nagorno-Karabakh is at a stalemate. Thus, the Baku-Armenia-Ceyhan route is not a near-term option. Should this conflict be settled, the route also passes through the Kurdish part of Turkey where a suppressed insurrection still simmers.
Clinton Alternative To Route 4.The Clinton administration tried to promote a pipeline route from Baku to Tbilisi to Supsa (Route 4) and then underwater from Supsa to Turkey where it would cut across Kurdish Turkey to Ceyhan. An underwater pipeline from Turkmenistan across the Caspian Sea to Baku would back this pipeline. This expensive option required regional political acceptance and Oil Company backing—neither of which the Clinton administration could obtain.

Since development of any of the above routes empowers Russia and Europe, development seems to be against long term US strategic interests. Even though pipe lines have existed in the area for long, the geopolitical and logistical nightmare involved in constructing and operating Tran Caucasian pipelines through Azerbaijan and Georgia are emphasized as formidable! Turkey (a key U.S. ally in the region) remains determined to restrict any use of the Bosphorus as a route for oil to Europe citing pollution! The possibility of such a route being affected by an outbreak of hostilities between Greece and Turkey is pointed out as a further obstacle.

Finally any European attempts at developing its own sphere of influence in Central Asia have been ruled out by two American initiatives. First, as we shall see later in this series of articles US has instigated Islamic insurgency in Chechnya. Second it engineered the dis -integration of the former Republic of Yugoslavia and carried out bombardment of Belgrade. This effectively established mutually contentious client states in the area, while also preventing the use of small sea/river tankers into Europe via the Danube, at least for the time being.

2.The China Route (Route 9). China itself as well as the Pacific Rim is potentially huge markets. The pipe line would run from western Kazakhstan through China to the Pacific serving Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets (Route 9). It requires an enormous outlay of $10 to $14 billion. The Chinese have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a shorter $3.5-billion pipeline that would stop in China proper. It empowers China.
3.The Iranian Routes (Route 7). Iran’s preferred route is a pipeline south from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf (Route 7). It is the shortest, cheapest and easiest route to an open port. Iran has an extended pipeline system in place, and Turkmenistan opened a gas pipeline into Iran in December 1997. The United States opposes this pipeline and tries to enforce sanctions, but other nations’ oil firms ignore the sanctions and cut oil deals with Iran. US firms continue lobbying in Washington, DC, for improved relations with Iran. It empowers Iran.
4.The Afghanistan-Pakistan Route (Route 8). The pipe line would run from Central Asia through Herat /Kandahar in Afghanistan, on to Quetta and Gwadar/Karachi ports in Pakistan. The pipe line is relatively cheap at $1.9 billion. More over this is the only route supported by a deep water port at Gwadar allowing for bulk transportation of both Oil and minerals through super tankers. Presently the US remains opposed to development of Gwadar because of fears it would provide the Chinese a shorter approach to the Gulf. The US is therefore busy in attempts to establish hegemony in the region through exploitation of Afghanistan –Pakistan friction and China-India rivalry.USA would prefer this route over all others provided it can establish firm grip on the area to prevent any Chinese influence .This is because it is the only exit the US has a chance of controlling; also it is a route which does not empower Europe, USSR, China or Iran.The route empowers Pakistan a nation the US aims at controlling.
The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy
Pakistan-Afghanistan Friction. This dates back to 1893 with the British creation of The “Durand line” as a buffer between the Czars and the British Empire. After the British departure Kabul refused to recognize Pakistan, challenging the legitimacy of its borders. India jumped in to encourage Afghan claims - supported by its ally the USSR. Despite the tension in the Frontier Pakistan’s founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah had already pulled out troops from the Pashtun areas, confident that Pakistan had the allegiance of the tribes. Subsequent events were to prove him correct.

Even though by 1956-57 Indian and USSR interference had created a full-blown ‘Afghan Problem’ for Pakistan,till as late as the early 70’s no military presence would be needed. Aslam Khattak then first First Secretary and later Ambassador in Kabul started a proposal for a Pakistan-Afghan confederation.The response was encouraging . Following a visit by the President and PM of Pakistan to Kabul,both sides agreed to work for a confederation in which the two regions would be autonomous in all matters , except for defence, foreign policy, foreign trade and communications. The Prime Minister’s office would rotate between the two,while King Zahir Shah would be the constitutional monarch of The Republic. Even the Americans agreed to help in a big way,and actually got into post-confederation details.

But Daud on a return visit to Pakistan was fired at while inspecting a shipyard at Karachi.The bullet ricocheted off a ship to hit Aslam Khattak instead. Ghaffar Khan was released from prison and sent to Kabul, to help remove resultant mis-understanding.He agreed to help provided a referendum was held on the issue of One Unit.Pakistani President Mirza agreed to do so.Even the American Ambassador in Karachi also assured Ghaffar Khan through the American Ambassador in Kabul that the referendum would be held. But it wasn’t. And great chance to change the course of history was thus missed.

Yet Pakistan never faced a threatening military posture from Afghanistan till the mid-70s. This pattern stayed in place even during the two wars with India (1965 and 1971).

The Birth of Militancy Inside Afghanistan/Pakistan. In 1973 Prince Daud staged a Soviet assisted coup to oust King Zahir Shah. The Daud regime not only raised the issue of Pashtunistan (Afghans claims to Pakistan provinces of NWFP and Baluchistan), but also for the first time moved the Afghan army closer to the borders. More importantly KHAD the Afghan Intelligence agency (aided and abetted by the Russian KGB and Indian RAW as all three were allied in those days) used several Pakistani tribal leaders (Sardars) to start as uprising in the tribal areas of Baluchistan and parts of NWFP.

Z.A. Bhutto’s government retaliated by supporting the disenchanted elements within Afghanistan. These included Burhanuddin Rabbani, Ahmad Shah Masud and Gulbadin Hikmatyar. Thus relations in the 1970s began with each country supporting the other’s dissidents on a purely nationalistic agenda on a quid pro quo basis; and till the mid-70’s Pakistan army was busy fighting a bitter insurgency in the province of Baluchistan – with the help of it’s ‘Militants’ within Afghanistan. There was no question of an Islamic Jehadi motivational base for either; as ‘enemies’ of both sides were Muslim. As we shall see this was to come much later when the CIA would conceive the theory of turning ‘Afghan militants’ into ‘Islamic militants’ for use against the ‘USSR’.

The Birth of Islamic (Wahabi) Radical Militancy. We have noted the birth of Afghan militancy following a pro-Soviet coup in Afghanistan and attempts at destabilization of Baluchistan. A natural consequence should have been the involvement of the USA and CIA on the Pakistani side in a communistic vs. free world conflict as was the norms of the time; more so as both sides were Muslims. Yet two development on the inter –national stage were to give it an irretrievable ‘Wahabi’ lusture which US supported militancy carries to this day. The first was the vast growth in Saudi wealth due to sharp rise in oil prices. The second was the castration of CIA as a result of post Watergate repercussions!

Saudi Wealth. In 1973, rise in oil prices brought great wealth to Saudi Arabia. Between 1973 to 1979 over $70 billion of this was used for furthering Wahabi Islamist purposes. Private Saudi citizens donated additional billions to private charities such as the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) which built 575 new mosques in Indonesia alone. The King Faisal mosque in Islamabad –and its seminary- was also funded by Saudi money. Alex Alexiev calls this “the largest world wide religious campaign ever mounted”. It was this large scale preaching of Wahabism (an exclusively Saudi brand of mistrust of infidels as unfit to survive, branding of rival Muslim sects as apostates to be killed, and emphasis on a violent exterminative jihad against all others who count as infidels as a means of gaining paradise) which laid the groundwork for the defamation of Islam and the spread of terrorist groups in the name of Islam world wide.

The Castration Of CIA. It started with FBI, and Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward discovering what seemed to be CIA fingerprints in the Watergate burglary. The agency was not involved, but it’s refusal to cooperate in unveiling Nixon’s obstruction of justice led directly to the firing of its director, Richard Helms, who was replaced by William E. Colby. In the preliminary congressional inquiries staffers had stumbled upon a number of domestic operations by the CIA. Colby acquiesced in unmasking these and soon assembled a list of CIA sins which ran into 693 typed pages – these later became famous as the “Family Jewels.”

The crown jewel in the lot was a program known as Operation Chaos involving CIA surveillance of antiwar protesters - the program being disclosed to the New York Times by Colby himself. This marked a turning point in public attitudes toward spying.
Overnight in public eyes the CIA became, a shadowy, sinister organization. President Ford called former CIA Director Helms into the Oval Office for advice. Helms reminded Ford that “The CIA is the president’s creature,” and defended Operation Chaos, to which Ford replied, “I plan no witch hunt, but in this environment I don’t know if I can control it.”

Starting in 1976 a witch hunt lasting five years did ensue! Democratic Senator Frank Church of Idaho, as chairman of the Senate Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence, castrated the free worlds best intelligence agency; famously depicting it as a “rogue elephant.”

The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist MilitancyThe Safari Club- An Alternate Super Intelligence Agency.In September 1 1976, a group of countries got together and established a newly formed secret cabal of intelligence agencies called the Safari Club. It included France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Iran. The club was a brain child of Alexandre de Marenches, head of the French external intelligence service SDECE.It was likely formed with the connivance of CIA to compensate for it’s paralysis after Watergate - as a means of circumventing US Congress which had tied down the CIA! Acutely conscious of the Soviet threat these countries had decided that if the US could not do anything to counter it, they would!

The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist MilitancyMillions were spent to create an operational capability. But much more was required to be done to create its financial arm. The group needed a network of banks to help manage and conceal the enormous transactions needed to finance its intelligence operations. Saudi Intelligence Minister Kamal Adham was given the task to create one.

With the blessing of CIA director George Bush Sr, he would transformed the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), a small Pakistani merchant bank, founded in 1972 by a Pakistani partner of Adham (Agha Hasan Abedi); into a world-wide money-laundering machine, buying additional banks around the world to create the biggest clandestine money transfer and whitening network in history.

The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist MilitancyThe Rise Of BCCI.Adham, and other intelligence heads worked with Abedi to contrive “a plan that seemed too good to be true. The bank (BCCI) would solicit the business of every major intelligence – and therefore terrorist, rebel, and underground - organization in the free world. The intelligence collected - and links forged in the process - would be shared with these ‘friends’ of BCCI.” CIA operative Raymond Close worked closely with Adham during the Congressional inquiry years to help identify and tap “into CIA’s hordes of misfits and malcontents to help man a 1,500-strong group of assassins and enforcers.” Soon, BCCI became the fastest growing bank in the world. Time magazine would later describe BCCI as not just a bank, but also “a global intelligence operation and a Mafia-like enforcement squad. Operating primarily out of the bank’s offices in Karachi, Pakistan; the 1,500-employee network has used sophisticated spy equipment and techniques, along with bribery, extortion, kidnapping and even, by some accounts, murder. It stops at almost nothing to further the bank’s aims the world over.”

Saudi Prince Mohammed al-Faisal also set up Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt (FIBE) as part of the banking empire. The “Blind Sheikh,” Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman was one of its founding members. Growth of Islamic banking would directly help the growth of the Islamist movements, and allow the Saudis to pressure poorer Islamic nations, like Egypt, to shift their policies to the right. FIBE worked closely with BCCI. Investigators would later find that BCCI held $589 million in “unrecorded deposits,” $245 million of which were placed with FIBE! BCCI at a later stage was also ‘discovered’ to be deeply implicated in illegal arms and narcotics trade .But all this was to happen way in the future, when CIA wanted to get back into the driving seat!

The Activities Of Safari Club. Thus was the Safari Club established .It funded – off the books - covert operations for a ‘ghost’ CIA made up of fired agents close to ex-CIA Director George Bush Sr. and Theodore Shackley. Shackley would remain at the center of this “private, shadow spy organization within the CIA” until he was fired in 1979; when the Safari Club was exposed due to the Iranian revolution-Iran being one of the members ! It must be noted here that this “Super Spy Club” inevitably gave a front seat to Saudi, Arab and Iranian ‘Islamist’ interests. The club seems to have remained active till about 1982 when de Marenches stepped down from being head of French intelligence .By this time the issue of the witch hunt of CIA within the USA also seems to have been resolved, and the CIA was keen to get back into the driving seat. Yet as we shall see next ;the then junior officers –as they rose in rank- would continue to retain their Islamic imprint ,as they shaped Americas -and the CIA’s- future policies.

During the initial period the Safari Club played a secret role in political dramas of many countries mostly Islamic and in Africa or the Middle East. Its first operation: A rebellion in Zaire was put down by Moroccan and Egyptian troops, using French air support.It then turned to deal with the Soviet infiltrations in Ethopia, Somalia and Djibouti and Peoples republic of Yemen. It also acted to repel Libyan aggression against Chad and Sudan. It also played a role in the US-Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty of 1979. Through out 1970-80 huge amounts of Saudi money backed by Safari Club covert activity helped countries like Syria,Jordan,North Yemen, Angola, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Uganda, Mali, Nigeria, Ziare, Guinea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines –and some reports suggest even South Vietnam; survive Russian backed Libyan or leftist in roads. In most countries Saudi ‘Wahabi Jehadi’ proselytizing inevitably accompanied the cash.

The Safari Club and the ‘rogue CIA’ also played a major role in supporting Pakistani ISI backed Afghani militants.Pakistani operation was remarkably successful and by 1977 the Afghan government of Sardar Daud was willing to settle all outstanding issues in exchange for a lifting of the ban on the National Awami Party and a commitment towards provincial autonomy for Pashtuns.This was also the period in which Moro operations in the Philippines achieved their most outstanding success.

Planning For A Russian Vietnam: 1977-1982. During the period 1977 to 1982 a major re-orientation of US policy is apparent specially in the mid-east and SE Asia.To what extant the Safari Club influenced the shape of things must remain a field of conjecture;yet the circumstantial evidence is pretty clear that the Carter administration had “no clear policy” due to internal divisions and confusion – and also that Saudi(Muslim) influence was considerable through elements of the ‘rouge CIA’ which was beginning to emerge out of the shadows to merge into the main stream re-activated CIA.

Setting The Stage. In the year 1977-79 a number of remarkable events (mentioned below) took place affecting our region. An analysis of these helps us to understand how the original concept of a defensive and deterrent Islamic Jehad was shaped into one of Americas most potent intelligence assets – global Islamic(Wahabi) militancy or Islamic Terrorism:
In The USA Zbigniew Brzezinski took over as President Carter’s National Security Adviser. He established the Nationalities Working Group (NWG) for weakening the Soviet Union through Islamic militancy .By December 1978; he formalized his theory around the idea of turning the Muslim world into ‘an arc of crises. It was based on the ideas of British expert Dr. Bernard Lewis, who advocated the balkanization of the entire Muslim near East along tribal and religious lines. The chaos would spread in what he also calls an “arc of crisis” and ultimately destabilize the Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.

BCCI Even Buys The CIA’s Bank! The same year The Safari Club made a bid to buy CIA’s bank! A group fronted by Kamal Adham, bought First American Bank shares. It was the biggest bank in the Washington, D.C. - and since long the CIA’s principal banker. In 1981, the Federal Reserve after asking CIA for the mandatory clearance allows the sale! The CIA held back what it knew, including the fact that Adham was Saudi intelligence minister. But Adhami and his group were acting on behalf of BCCI.Thus by 1982 BCCI becomes (illegally) the owner of CIA’s bank. The CIA did not inform the Treasury Department about this link till as late as 1985.In fact CIA continued using both BCCI and First American. The Safari Club and its financial arm the BCCI were fully in place –even within USA by 1982!

The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist MilitancyBrzezinski’s Islamic Militant Policy Implemented In Pakistan. In Pakistan on 5 July 1977 Pakistan’s socialist minded Prime Minister Z.A.Bhutto - an advocate of the policy of independence from US domination through a combination of ‘Islamic socialism’ and a pro-China foreign policy ; as well as the architect of Muslim unity(held first Islamic summit at Lahore) and Pakistan’s nuclear program - was eliminated in a coup by General Zia –ul-Haq .Zia had already proved his worth as an American ally in Jordan , where he massacred the PLA to save the Jordanian throne for the Americans.

Apparently the US stopped all economic and military aid to Pakistan as a result of the coup .But in actual fact aid continued flowing in a big way for the militants and their Islamisation process through the Safari club and the rouge CIA; and planning was soon expedited to draw in and kill the Russian bear in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan Daud suspected of having gone ‘soft’ on Pakistan was removed through a pro-Soviet coup on April 1978.This served as the ideal start point for implementing Brzezinski’s policy. Aid to Pakistan was resumed .The CIA commenced beaming of radio propaganda into Afghanistan, and a program and started for turning the Afghan mujahideen into radical Wahabi Islamic fighters. Zia proved invaluable at this stage.

He allowed a free hand to the CIA approved Wahabi Islamic doctrine to gain a firm foothold in Pakistan. Passing pro-Islamic legislation, he allowed FIB (Faisal Islamic bank) to start Islamic banking systems, and created Islamic courts. Most importantly, he imposed a new religious tax which was used to create tens of thousands of madrassas, or religious boarding schools, where “Islamic text books’ printed in USA and approved by CIA were taught. These schools would be used to train and indoctrinate a large portion of future Islamic militants using courses developed in the USA.

“Radical Islamist ideology began to permeate the military and the influence of the most extreme groups crept into the army,” writes journalist Kathy Gannon in her book I is for Infidel. The BBC later commented that Zia’s “Islamization” policies created a “culture of jihad” within Pakistan that continues until present day. Mean ISI took over to continue the field work and launched a massive campaign of terrorism, assassinating hundreds of teachers and civil servants in Afghanistan.”

For Iran, in November 1978 former Under Secretary of State George Ball was appointed as advisor to President Carter! This is most amazing for he was known to hold the view that the US should drop support for the Shah of Iran in favor of the radical Islamist opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. Later during his exile The Shah would note with bitter hind sight,”It should have been clear to me that the Americans wanted me out. What else was I to make of the Administration’s sudden decision to call George Ball as advisor on Iran?”

For Al-Qaeda around 1978-79(the details are fuzzy) Osama Bin Laden visited the US and Britain -or both -ostensibly for the treatment of his son Abdul Rahman born with hydrocephalus. However the required treatment-an operation - was never carried out. More likely he went there to get his final briefs first hand!The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy

1979-The Bear Trap Is Sprung. Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile in France on January 16, 1979.By February Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is deposed and Ayatollah Khomeini took over as Iran’s new leader. At first the US was taken aback by the new fundamentalist Islamic government, and Brzezinski contemplated a military coup to stop Khomeini.The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy

In March, there was a major revolt in Herat province. Russian Intelligence noted that it had support from outside-particularly Iran. This convinced Brzezinski that Khomeini was fiercely anti-communist, and he soon decided that Iran’s new government can become part of his “arc of crises. The US embassy remained open, and more US officials come to Iran to begin tentative talks. The CIA started working (re-working) with Iranian intelligence to destabilize the pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan.

By April 1979, US officials start having their first meetings in Pakistan with opponents of the Afghan government. Robert Gates –a junior officer then , but later to become CIA Director - recalls that in one such meeting on March 30, 1979, Under Secretary of Defense Walter Slocumbe wondered aloud whether there is “value in keeping the Afghan insurgency going, ‘sucking the Soviets into a Vietnamese quagmire.’”

In May a CIA special envoy also meets these Afghan mujaheddin leaders at Peshawar. All of them have been carefully selected by the Pakistani ISI. One of them is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a drug dealer, and brutal warlord. His extreme ruthlessness is considered a plus. Over the next 10 years over half of all US aid to the mujaheddin will go to his faction. In June /August there are further large scale army mutinies within Afghanistan.

The New ‘Great Game’:Part 1-Birth of Radical Islamist Militancy According to the official US version CIA aid to the Mujaheddin began after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan. How ever President Carter had formally approved covert aid in July. And as Brzezinski’s confessed later on: “that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention”. Charles Cogan, who later headed the CIA covert aid program to Afghanistan, will call Carter’s approval on 6th July a “very modest beginning to US involvement.” In fact, this is not correct because the’ Safari Club’ along with the ‘rouge CIA’ had been aiding the rebels since well before 1978.

Haizullah Amin over throws Daud in a military coup in October 1979, and invites the Soviets.

In early November 1979, Brzezinski had secretly met with Iranian Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan, as well as Iran’s foreign minister and defense minister, in Algiers. But shortly before the meeting, the US agrees to allow the Shah, dying with cancer, to come to the US for medical treatment. Khomeini is enraged, and on November 4, just three days after the Algeria meeting begins, students take over the US embassy in Teheran. Brzezinski’s (Safari Club’s?) attempts to create an alliance with Khomeni’s Iran collapse.

On December 8 1979 The Soviets invaded Afghanistan; surprisingly on December 26 Russian troops turn against the invitee and kill him! Later declassified high-level Russian documents show that the Russian leadership believed Amin to have had secret contacts with the US embassy and was probably a US agent; and that because of this “the right wing Muslim opposition” has “practically established their control in many provinces… using foreign support.” They therefore installed a communist regime led by Babrak Karmal which was openly hostile to Pakistan. The Russians will later be proved correct when in a 1998 interview, Brzezinski, revealed that earlier in the year Carter authorized the CIA to destabilize the government, provoking the Russians to invade and later topple Amin’s government! It seems Russia had been invited into Afghanistan by a Khomeini cultivated US agent – even though Iran was no more a part of the team!

Brzezinski wrote a memo to President Jimmy Carter after the Soviet invasion suggesting that success in Afghanistan could give the Soviets access to the Indian Ocean. He advised that US should continue aid to the Afghan Mujaheddin. He also added, “This means more money as well as arms shipments to the rebels and some technical advice.” He concludes the memo with, “[W]e must both reassure Pakistan and encourage it to help the rebels. This will require a review of our policy toward Pakistan, more guarantees to it, more arms aid, and alas, a decision that our security problem toward Pakistan cannot be dictated by our nonproliferation policy.” Carter accepted Brzezinski’s advice. Pakistan would be rewarded to become a nuclear power in exchange for help in implementing Brzezinski doctrine of Islamic Militancy!

Over the next decade CIA and Saudi Arabia would channel a huge amount of money through ISI, (estimates range up to $40 billion total for the war) to support the Mujaheddin guerrilla fighters opposing the Russians, forcing the USSR into a decade-long war which it could ill afford. It was as Brzezinski insisted, a war that brought about “The demoralization and finally the collapse of the Soviet Empire”. In my next article I shall show how this covert operation involving ‘radical Islamist militants’ was developed and implemented by CIA.