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Iran and the Real rulers thereof - 3

by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/10/02

Scientists have a way of explaining the Universe. Such as, Sir Isaac Newton and the Law of Gravity. And Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity and a form of Unified Field Theory. The purpose of it all was to make sense out of a lot of different happenings.
Can recent and current events likewise be explained in a form of overall view? Of course, some critics would immediately dismiss that as merely conspiratorial theories of history. It sometimes takes months, if not years, to understand what is occurring right in front of us.
Let us see if we even in part agree THE UNIFIED PATTERN OF EVENTS---[1] 1961. THE ELECTRIC SCANDAL. Top officials of General Electric and Westinghouse were sent to Federal Prison for engaging in an Anti-Trust Conspiracy to control the price of electric generating machinery, and thus, control the price of energy. They were fingered by U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. (D., Tenn.), and the Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, large user of such equipment. The Gore Family had been instrumental in setting up the TVA to supply inexpensive electricity to the region. In later years, GE, the owner of NBC Network, greatly opposed and vilified Albert Gore, Jr., as Vice President and then candidate for President in the year 2000 Election. Part of this was by NBC's Washington correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, live-in girl friend and then wife of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan. As we noted in Part 2 of this series, the Federal Reserve secretly siphoned off huge amounts of funds from the energy giant, Enron, to temporarily support the stock market in attempts to avoid a financial meltdown in 2001 and 2002, which George W. Bush, as White House resident and occupant, could not handle. When the Democratic Convention chose Gore as Presidential candidate in 2000, he made an impassioned speech stating he was against BIG OIL and for the common people. [Details of the 1961 scandal are in the book "The Great Price Conspiracy ; the story of the anti-trust violations in the electrical industry" by John Herling, Greenwood Press, 1961.]
[2] 1963. POLITICAL ASSASSINATION. President John F. Kennedy was in the process of eliminating the oil depletion allowance, BIG OIL's huge tax loophole. Through his brother Bobby, as U.S. Attorney General, the JFK Justice Department was in the process of investigating massive energy and other fraud's by BIG OIL's front man, Lyndon B. Johnson, then vice president under JFK. (The Kennedys had very reluctantly chosen LBJ for vice president at the 1960 Democratic Convention. They never trusted him.) The Justice Department probe of LBJ was suddenly and fatally blocked on the day JFK's brains where blown out in an open car in Dallas, capital of BIG OIL. A much later released FBI document, but dated November 29, 1963, tends to prove that George Herbert Walker Bush was implicated in the cover-up of the political murder of JFK. In the FBI document, Bush is identified as with CIA. In fact, Bush had been with CIA since at least 1959, through his oil fronts, originally Zapata Petroleum, later Zapata Offshore. Zapata offshore oil rigs, according to a story in Reuters, were the transit point for dope trafficking, being that the rigs were technically beyond the U.S. jurisdiction in international waters. The Bush Family also have been business partners with Carlos Lehder, co-founder of the Colombia dope cartel.[ Visit our website series on "The Chandra Levy Affair".]
The details of the oil industry plotting and arranging the assassination in their Dallas capital of President Kennedy are detailed in the book "Farewell America" by James Hepburn. A best-seller in Europe, the book was forbidden for many years after the publication in 1968 to be distributed in the United States in bookstores. [I and my associates were about the only ones in the U.S. somehow able to get the book into the country. In return for small donations, we gave it away at college lectures across the nation in the 1970s. Alas! now we have no more copies. However, one or more websites from time to time have all, or parts of the once banned book on-line. Yet, the website addresses have frequently changed to elude apparent mischief to sabotage those websites by the secret political police, the FBI and the American CIA.
The oil industry was also upset by JFK's policies to taper off American military and CIA assassination involvement in Viet Nam's civil war. Blasting Viet Nam into submission was BIG OIL's plan to develop sizeable oil deposits offshore of the South East Asian nation.
[3] 1973. THE BIG OIL FRAUD. The American CIA that had in the 1950s restored the Shah of Iran to his Peacock Throne, by violently overthrowing the elected government in Teheran, enlisted the Persian dictator to start up a series of events that some call the giant oil swindle. There was a pretended embargo and oil shortages that plundered the ordinary people in the U.S. and Europe. Long-experienced CIA covert operatives, as a diversion, touched off the scandal of the break-ins at a hotel in Washington, D.C. that came to be called "The Watergate Affair". The scheme was master-minded by among others, E. Howard Hunt, a purported assassination arranger, and James McCord, in charge of physical security at the CIA headquarters. [Twelve Watergators who were shaking down President Richard M. Nixon, including Hunt's wife, Dorothy, were murdered by way of a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago, in 1972, one month after Tricky Dick was re-elected. Visit our website series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage"..]
In France was published a book seldom mentioned in the U.S., detailing the Shah's role in setting off the oil swindle which was covered up by the Watergate smokescreen. [We may locate the exact title, published only in French.]
Thus, the Watergate Affair was used by the olil-soaked, energy-grabbing, spy-riddled monopoly press to divert public attention from the oil rip-off and what it was all about. Facing impeachment, Nixon resigned the presidency. As a reward for not publicly saying what really was happening, thereafter Nixon was given a residence in Manhattan with a common wall, like a duplex or townhouse, with the residence of major oil crook David Rockefeller. The group of those blackmailing Nixon died in the Watergate Plane Crash, the sabotage covered up by United Air Lines, owned at the time by the Rockefeller Family.
[4] 1980. THE TREASONOUS ELECTION. George Herbert Walker Bush was running for vice president on the Reagan/Bush ticket. Bush was worried about an "October Surprise". Namely, that incumbent Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, would become very popular by, at the last minute before the election, obtaining the release of the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages held by Iran since November, 1979. To tar Carter as a wimp, not able to get the hostages released, Bush arranged in Paris in October, 1980, a secret and treasonous deal with top Iranian officials to not release the hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket won the election and were inaugurated, in January, 1981.Just as Reagan was raising his hand to be sworn in as president, at high noon, the hostages were released. [Many details are in Barbara Honegger's book, "The October Surprise".]
The Iran-Iraq war, touched off by Big Oil to keep up the price of crude, started in September, 1980. So Iran needed weapons. They were paid off for the hostage release delay with whatever they needed. The items were shipped covertly through Portugal to Israel as a trans-shipment point to Iran. The top officials of Portugal were unhappy with the arrangement and began to finger Bush. As a result, Bush, through his pals in the American CIA experts in airplane sabotage, murdered Portugal's Prime Minister and a cabinet member through a sabotaged airplane. Some of the details have been in the Portuguese press. And, a book is in process fingering the bloody role of Daddy Bush.
In the 1980s, the Elder Bush was a secret, private business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. They split billions of dollars as "protection money" from the weak, oil-soaked sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. [Details of the little-known lawsuit in Chicago about the same are mentioned in our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".] In its simplest form, the Persian Gulf War was a falling out of business partners. As part of his secret dealings with Saddam, Bush was a sizeable owner of the unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, that reportedly supplied to Bagdad the ingredients for making poison gas. The diabolical weapon, outlawed by the Geneva Convention, was used by Iraq to beat back the hordes of very young Iranian youngsters pressed into service as soldiers. A director of American LaFarge was Hillary Rodham Clinton. [From an early age, long before they were married, Bill and Hillary each had separate roles with the American CIA.]
[5] ENRON and MARC RICH. About 1985, the Reagan/Bush Justice Department, controlled primarily actually by Bush, permitted and condoned the international swindler Marc Rich to be allowed to flee the U.S. and have his headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. Marc Rich, real name Reich, was thus corruptly arranged to escape federal criminal prosecution for some 40 Billion Dollars of tax cheating and other federal criminal offenses. Set up in Houston about the same time, as a successor and alter ego for Marc Rich International, was Enron Corp. Key players have been Daddy Bush (who arranged the Marc Rich escape), son George W. Bush, and Richard Cheney who had been instrumental in the Persian Gulf War trick. Until he ran for vice president, Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, worldwide supplier of oil and pipeline machinery. Cheney, through a subsidiary owned by the Bush Family, Dresser Industries, treasonously defeated the international embargo on Iraq, by supplying Iraq with oil machinery and similar items.
Vincent W. Foster, Jr., who became for a brief period Clinton White House Deputy Counsel, was assassinated in 1993, falsely described as a "suicide". Among the reasons for murdering him was that Foster sought to counter Daddy Bush's scheme to protect Marc Rich. Foster along with others, was part of an effort to grab Marc Rich at the Swiss/French border to try to get him back to the U.S. to face the federal music. [Visit our website story, "Marc Rich and Others---Fingered By A Letter".] Like Marc Rich International, Enron has used the Chicago markets for massive worldwide money laundering, to disguise illicit dealings as currency deals, soybean trading, and such. Used have been the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly the scandal-ridden Midwest Stock Exchange purportedly used, according to little known court records, for massive IRS cheating and embezzlement, condoned by top corrupt IRS officials in Chicago), and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. [Visit earlier parts of this series as well as our other items on Marc. Rich.]
[6] 1990s on. MORE MASSIVE ENERGY FRAUD. The same players have been implicated in tremendous energy fraud. An example is in India. It all revolves around a three billion dollar ten-year development project started in 1992, for liquefied natural gas, called the Dabhol power plant. As one author described the plant, it "was to have gone online by 1997. It was supposed to supply energy-hungry India with more than 2,000 megawatts of electricity, about one-fifth the new energy needed by India each year." "Enron's India Disaster" by Sam Parry, 12/30/2001, From all the circumstances, it appears the plant will never go on-line and never be completed. Some commentators contend there have been reported efforts to corrupt top officials in India to overlook this financial disaster. And who came to apparently strongman the top officials in India? Why none other than Richard Cheney.
Before the project became an albatross, look what some said. "As an integrated gas and power project, the facilities will contribute significantly to the development and expansion of both the natural gas and power sector in India" declared Enron's Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay. (Energy Daily, 12/9/1993.]
And who besides ENRON, are the culprits in this huge energy rip-off? Why, naturally, GENERAL ELECTRIC and MARC RICH INTERNATIONAL (although published accounts seem to sidestep mentioning Marc Rich International which is actually an alter ego and successor to Enron).
[7] ENRON, FLORIDA, and the BUSH FAMILY. Our prior website stories have dealt with how major corruption, with dope funds, was used to sabotage the Florida Electoral College gimmick, and install George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. [Visit our website story "Chandra Levy Affair, Part Two" for details on the Bush Family in business with dope king Carlos Lehder.] In a similar situation resulting from the horrendous fraud of the quite similar 1876 election, like George W. Bush in 2001, Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877 was falsely inaugurated. The savvy folks in 1877, began calling him Rutherfraud. Likewise, Albert Gore, Jr., is the actual elected President BUT NOT INAUGURATED. Hence, some call the usurper, BUSHFRAUD.
George W. Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, as Governor of Florida is loaded with officials in Jeb's administration tied to Enron. Jeb also sits as a Trustee of the Florida State Pension Fund which kept putting state funds into Enron as Enron was collapsing and then sold the same just as Enron was to file Bankruptcy. The result is the Florida State Pension Fund has lost about 335 million dollars. Spokespersons for Jeb state the Florida Governor does not know anything about how it happened. Was he asleep as pension fund trustee? In a letter 2/8/2002, to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the group called Public Citizen "Citing Extensive Conflicts of Interest, Public Citizen Calls On Florida Governor To Recuse Himself from Pension Fund Investigations". The letter lists numerous financial entanglements of Jeb Bush and his cohorts with Enron.
CONCLUSION.. Are all of these happenings part of a Unified Pattern of Events, or just historical coincidences and accidental matters? Remember, the United States of America is based on a Social Compact between the common people and those who rule us. That is, those who rule us do so ONLY with our consent. It is the basis of our organic law, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Despite that, however, BIG OIL and BIG ENERGY and their front men and women, some appearing and re-appearing in our website stories, have decided our lives if not our actual destinies, as ordinary Americans, for at least 40 years and more. BIG OIL's punching bags.
More coming. Stay tuned. 

by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/24/02

Some, like this writer, prefer to call them collectively, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, pro-British monopoly press. If you hope to be a well-paid functionary, within their circle, you better not mouth off like that, so employers, or would-be employers, link those stones as being hurled by you.
Part of destroying the American Republic can be divided into two parts.
[1] Ambitious types who want to get up the media ladder and are not that particular how. Especially, if they somehow, accidentally, or otherwise, become privy to data about high-level instigated political assassinations. Those include Dan Rather, Cokie Roberts, and Robert MacNeil owner of the Robert MacNeil/JimLehrer News Hour on PBS Network. They have been part of the Big Lie, that President John F. Kennedy was murdered by a "lone assassin". [Visit our website story, "The Liars and Whores of the Press" and compare that to the lies in Dan Rather's book "The Camera Never Blinks", paperback reprinted 1988.]
[2] Journalists who are in, or have ambition to be in, the monopoly press. One such was Danny Casolaro. He had great hopes of becoming financially well-off from a sizeable media publisher going with his book about "The Octopus", his title to tie together one giant criminal/espionage group of enterprises, including the following
===The Inslaw Affair. There was a company with that name that had developed and owned the exclusive rights to software originally designed for federal prosecutors to manage their caseload, called PROMIS (pronounced PRO-MISS, not like PROMISE). Reagan Administration U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese and other high-level White House officials had stolen the Inslaw software and re-sold it, secretly, to various foreign intelligence agencies, some friendly, some enemies or would-be enemies. In the process, they had built into it a secret "trap door", capable of sending out or up, signals to be monitored by the American CIA. This enabled American officials to spy on, and blackmail other intelligence agencies, including those in Canada, Sweden, Israel, Iraq, among others.
==="The October Surprise". Running in 1980 under Ronald Reagan for President, was George Herbert Walker Bush, as Vice President. Daddy Bush was part of a scheme together with Bill Casey, campaign chief, later to be made Director of Central Intelligence. The trick? In September, 1980, to support the price of oil expected otherwise to decline, the Rockefeller Family instigated a war between two major oil producers, Iran and Iraq. The purpose was to prevent what happened later, drastically low prices for petroleum.
The Reagan/Bush ticket was worried that their presidential election opponent, incumbent Jimmy Carter, would somehow, right before the November election, get the release of the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages held by Iran since 1979. That would enhance Carter's chances of winning in a recession year like 1980. Hence, the worry was about an "October Surprise".
In October, 1980, in or near Paris, France, Daddy Bush worked a secret deal---clearly, treasonous---to reward top Iranian officials there meeting with him, to delay the release of the hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket won the Election and was safely inaugurated. In January, 1981, at high noon, just as Reagan/Bush were inaugurated, the 52 hostages were released. The Iranian top officials had been paid off even before the Election, with clandestine weapons shipments to Iran via Portugal and trans-shipped through Israel. The Prime Minister of Portugal and another cabinet member there, disgruntled at what Daddy Bush got them into, were later assassinated by Bush's airplane sabotage murder team in the American CIA. (Recently, a hot topic in the Portugeuse press.)
===The Iran-Contra treasonous dealings implicating Reagan/Bush and the new Director of Central Intelligence, Bill Casey. Reputed spy-agency operative, Bob Woodward, supposedly a writer for the Washington Post, posing as a priest, got into the hospital where Casey was ailing and may have had a part in what some contend was the murder of Casey in 1987. [For the spy background of Woodward, visit our website story, "The Grand Dragon of the Washington Post".] Members of Congress later admitted, off the record, that they had sufficient data to impeach Reagan, but hesitated, in view of the Nixon/Watergate example of a commotion.
Danny Casolaro had come up with what he and his publishing industry confidants thought was the "smoking gun" of these and other details of the vast treasonous combine he labeled as "The Octopus". Casolaro's fatal mistakes? He trusted his findings and his notes of his interviews, and the outline of his planned book, too much to friendly-seeming spy-types who were supposedly aiding him in his book venture. Danny needed to be bailed out of his financial woes. He was too proud to continue thinking to get financial help from his brother, a Doctor. Danny Casolaro's mindset was entirely too much like a journalist thinking he was about to strike it rich, nail down his career, within the monopoly media and CIA-aiding publishing field for books and magazines.
Our examination of his notebooks causes us to reach what some might call an unfair conclusion about someone who can no longer respond to what we say. Danny seemed, at least from his notes, not to be sufficiently sophisticated to deal with this type of subject matter. On the other hand, circumstances that argue in favor of the idea that he was on the right track? That in the summer of 1991, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, he was "suicided". That is, murdered and made to look like a suicide. [In September, 1992, a Congressional Report on the Inslaw Affair, agreed that Casolaro was most likely murdered.]
As we have written about the Rockefeller Family, they like to dominate states with sizeable geography and small populations, that also tend to be lawless, and where the Rockefellers can buy out and dominate the top state officials, such as West Virginia and Arkansas. Note that the great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous bloody Standard Oil Trust, namely John D. Rockefeller 4th, has been U.S. Senator from West Virginia. Senator Rockefeller's wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, plays a key role with NPR, which we call National Petroleum Radio and PBS Network. Once Arkansas Governor was William Rockefeller Clinton [elsewhere we explain why we use that as his middle name]. See our website series, "Wal-Mart and The Red Chinese Secret Police".
So, if you have a business partner you want to get rid of, lure him, so you can conveniently have him knocked off with no investigation expected, some cynics contend, to Martinsburg. Danny Casolaro was embalmed apparently without an autopsy or informing his family of his death by the authorities in Martinsburg. Background data is in the book "The Octopus The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro" by Kenn Thomas [editor of Steamshovel Press and Magazine] and Jim Keith, hardcover, 1996.
Danny Casolaro had come up with damning proof, possibly the smoking gun, showing Daddy Bush committed treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American common people. Danny was likewise tying up the details of the corrupt upper level of IRS officials shackled to and operating with the American CIA, to carry out treachery against the American people. Danny had secretly met in Martinsburg with some of his IRS sources. Did he drink too much while in that town and began bragging to others in a cocktail lounge? Some think so.
To us, a comparable example is Danny Pearl, South Asia bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal. In a post-murder story in the Journal, he was described as "A skeptic of all institutions, from big government to big business...." Wall St. Journal, 2/22/02. Despite that description Danny Pearl was, or obviously had to be, a great believer in the monopoly press. Otherwise, what was he, a supposed "skeptic", working for a known financial industry faker and censorship machine like the Dow Jones & Co. unit, The Wall Street Journal? For example, tied like his brother Raul to major dope trafficking was Mexico President Carlos Salinas. The former Mexican strongman went on to become a DIRECTOR OF DOW JONES & CO. Sarcastic sorts wonder how much did it cost the reputed dope king to BUY such a Directorship? When it became too-well known about the dope cover up, Carlos Salinas apparently fled into exile in Dublin, Ireland. Sheepishly, the Journal tried to explain away his role at the parent firm, Dow Jones & Co. "Carlos Salinas, who is a board member of Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, hasn't been charged with any wrongdoing." Quoting from The Wall Street Journal in "Left Business Observer", #68, March, 1995. Also see various Journal stories, such as 3/8/95. Several hundred stories about Carlos Salinas and the dope trafficking, are listed by search engine, See, for example, Also, Time Magazine, 2/10/97.
As the Journal's South Asia bureau chief, Danny Pearl was well aware that the Bush Family were greatly implicated with the massive flow of drug trafficking from the poppy production in Afghanistan to the ethnic Albanian traffickers masquerading as the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, who according to law authorities are flooding Europe with dope. Bush Family cronies in the American CIA have been supervising the KLA. [View our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" and the attached documents showing hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars being washed through a Bush Family joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London.]
Like Danny Casolaro, Danny Pearl's fatal mistakes included the following ===Trusting the higher ups at the Journal, same ones that covered up for Dow Jones Director Carlos Salinas, to know what Pearl was working on as stories. Such as some of the following---Among the little known details, is that India was the subject of a beginning of the 20th Century pact, with complex provisions, to give up a portion of their territory by the advent of the 21st Century, to Afghanistan. This pact was worked out by the British, experts on divide and conquer. By 1948, the British decided to give up direct control of their colony, India, because ot the activist commotions of Mohandas K. Gandhi. For the benefit of the British, however, Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 and blamed onto "religious fanatics". Carved out of India territory by the British in 1947, was Pakistan, out of predominantly moslem areas of India. In the partition of India, the British created the perpetual irritant, Kashmir, to forever keep India and Pakistan fighting each other.
Because of the century-old pact, removing some of the territory now called Pakistan, expiring more or less at the beginning of the 21st Century, Pakistan had an interest to dominate Afghanistan and their more or less lawless government in Kabul. About 1996, the Pakistan secret political police, Inter-Services Intelligence agency, the ISI, arranged for the Taliban to control Afghanistan with stringent and backward supposedly "religious" mandates. In 1997, Union Oil of California, Unocal, in which the Bush Family has huge financial interests, was part of a consortium of firms planning as a short-cut, to build a natural gas/oil pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan, to oil and natural gas-hungry Pakistan, India, and eventually, points east, such as Japan. Unocal invited top Taliban officials to be wined and dined at Unocal facilities in the Houston suburb, Sugarland, with Daddy Bush residing, among other places, in Houston. Unocal was getting set to train Afghans for the building of the pipeline.
The problems that developed included Osama bin Laden and the Taliban demanding a bigger cut of the pipeline deal than Unocal and the Bush Family were prepared to pay. In fact, the George W. Bush White House were continuing to negotiate with Osama right up to within a few weeks of the September 11, 2001 "terrorist" events supposedly instigated by Osama. [Knowledgeable sources believe a faction in the American aristocracy actually created the violence of September 11.]
For related details, visit our website story,"The Pipeline Plots".
===Danny Pearl, no fool, nevertheless trusted the Pakistan secret political police, the ISI, and Danny's bosses, to be in a position to know Danny's itinerary. A further fatal mistake, like Danny Casolaro made with his publishers, was to trust the Journal brass to know about the stories Pearl was developing about the Pakistan-India situation, about the possibility of a Journal story, bylined by Danny Pearl, about the resumed Afghan poppy production to flood Europe to raise much needed cash for the Kabul government.
Danny Pearl, like the mindset of other mass media journalists, was not sufficiently skeptical of what the digging into these matters would trouble Daddy Bush and DUB-YA. After all, Daddy Bush and his cronies in the American CIA have created ISI and continue to dominate them.
The new head of the Kabul government is Hamid Karzai, a consultant for Unocal/Bush on the pipeline deal. The Bush White House has appointed as Special Envoy to Kabul (not yet ready to receive a U.S. Ambassador) another Unocal consultant.
===Danny Pearl trusted the Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal brass to know what Danny was doing which might tend to embarass the Bush White House. Would the Journal even agree to publish such items by Danny Pearl?
===Off the record, some of Danny's colleagues at the Journal blame the two-faced higher ups for what happened to Danny. Outwardly, for public consumption, and to keep their jobs, his pals at the Journal go along with blaming "extremists" for the murder. A few of his pals have confided these matters to just a very few trusted persons pledged to never, never divulge the sources.
Supposedly thinking himself clever, Danny Pearl was nevertheless in a position to understand these things just as Danny Casolaro knew, or was in a position to know, some of the matters he was poking into. Each of them, in their own way, made a series of fatal mistakes to advance, or attempt to advance their careers, financially and otherwise. An entirely independent-minded journalist, despite their talent, cannot expect or plan to have a well-fixed financial career, telling the truth, within and among the news-fakers with their conflicting interests. In plain English, writing and telling the truth would not get you rich.
Can a candid populace expect a large circulation monopoly press Journal to print what is really happening? How many years will it take before the murders of Danny Casolaro and Danny Pearl are rightfully put at the door where the blame belongs, of America's secret political police and their assassin accomplices in the spy-riddled press?
More coming. Stay tuned. 

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/9/02

For more than ten years, we have mentioned that up to 1988-89, CBS Network received the American CIA subsidy. CBS used those clandestine funds to finance and staff their overseas bureaus. Not that much actual news to go-on-the-air was filed from this expensive set-up. CBS News overseas bureaus were used as a "vacuum pump", to gather up useful intelligence for the American spy agencies.
After 1989, the CIA secret subsidy was transferred to ABC Network News. For example, ABC's "Nightline" Program with Ted Koppel often had on as guests and experts, CIA operatives, not identified as such, who worked for CIA-funded Foundations.
[Identifying CIA Foundations has been one of our specialties since 1968. 1969-70, I taught a 16-week course including such at a Chicago-based broadcast school. I conducted 10-week seminars on such at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. Scroll all the way down our website to "A Short History of CIA Fronts".]
Following our part 15 of this "Overthrow" series, some network and foreign correspondents apparently confronted the reputed male sex-mate of George W. Bush who has stayed with the same on his ranch and on occasion travels with him.. The person in question did not ostensibly deny what is in our Part 15 story but put off any denial by simply referring to our story as "a smear job".
This reputed arrangement with George W. Bush and his male sex-mate is not a private matter. It has great national security ramifications.
A coincidence? Reportedly financially failing MSNBC ran on-line a review of a new book about the super-secret Skull & Bones Society."Secrets of the Tomb---Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power" , by Alexandra Robbins, MSNBC 9/4/2. A more detailed book is the earlier one about "Skull and Bones" by Antony Sutton.
Mentioned in these books is that persons at Yale University have been selected to be pushed to the top by the American Aristocracy, including members of the Bush Family. To be initiated, they are forced to divulge their entire sex life and other deep personal details. These satanic rituals are carried out in a window-less building at Yale, known as The Tomb.
New members engage in homosexual acts while they lay in a coffin.
[A recent scheduled documentary by Connie Chung of CNN on the Bush Family and Skull & Bones, was cancelled after CNN heavily promoted the same. Was it just a warning to George W. Bush, or blackmail, typical of the press-fakers?]
Two important reputed pictures of George W. Bush were in the custody of American Media, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. publisher of several supermarket tabloids including National Enquirer. One was an authenticated one of George W. Bush, laying in the satanic ritual coffin while engaging in homosexual acts with his male sex-mate who was later to engage in such over later years and traveled with Bush and reportedly on occasion stayed at Bush's Texas ranch. The other picture was mentioned in Part 13 of this "Overthrow" series.
To obstruct the use of these two reputedly authentic pictures, the America Media picture editor, Bob Stevens, was snuffed out by way of anthrax-by-mail. [See pt 13 of this series.]
In October, 2001, after the death (murder) of Bob Stevens, the FBI caused the closing and sealing of the entire American Media building in Boca Raton. Some months later, the FBI refused to reportedly permit officials of the publisher to retrieve important pictures inside the building in a database. Some familiar with the situation, contend it was the two mentioned pictures.
If you understand how the American monopoly press is the best in the world on propaganda, and side-stepping revealing items, you would smile to yourself at the following.
White House correspondents as well as foreign journalists are well aware of the correctness and validity of the matters as in Part 15 as to George W. Bush and his male sex-mate. So far, CIA-funded ABC Network News, seems to be engaging in a stealthy type of counter-attack and diversion.
As of this date, ABC is planning to air a segment of their "Prime Time" program. In advance blurbs, ABC contends they have interviewed the purported mistress of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. His reputed mistress, says ABC, contends that in their sexual encounters, Saddam uses Viagra.
Of course, ABC is not prepared to discuss that the Bush Family wants to assassinate Saddam Hussein. Why? Because Saddam has direct testimony and proof that Daddy Bush engaged in a treasonous deal. First, the elder Bush instigated Saddam to want to go to war against neighbor Iran. Little known, religious objects deeply important to Iran are actually located in Iraq. Saddam was to block Iranians from visiting these religious sites in Iraq. The Iranians were stirred up about this by Daddy Bush. The result? In September. 1980 began the Iraq-Iran war which went on until 1988.
In October, 1980, Daddy Bush reportedly paid forty million dollars to the top mullahs of Iran, at a meeting secretly filmed by the French CIA in a Paris suburb. The Iranians received many millions of dollars worth of weapons later also. trans-shipped via Portugal and Israel. As we mentioned, Daddy Bush, to cover this up in part arranged the sabotaged air crash to murder the Prime Minister of Portugal. The purpose? The Iranians were to reject all deals by incumbent President Jimmy Carter running for re-election; deals prior to the November, 1980 election to release the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages in Teheran.The treasonous arrangement by Daddy Bush was called "The October Surprise", an event feared by the Reagan/Bush ticket. Carter thus shown as a wimp, the Reagan/Bush ticket won. The 52 U.S. Embassy Hostages were released at the very moment in January, 1981, as Reagan/Bush were being inaugurated. By this treason, the Americans had not been released prior to the Election. Saddam also participated in this arrangement having been promised certain geopolitical benefits.
[The private business partnership between Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. Subject of a little-known Chicago federal suit. Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh.]
Saddam Hussein is so far a living direct witness who, in addition, has documents supporting his testimony, of treason committed against the American people by Daddy Bush, father of George W.
More coming.... Stay tuned. 

Part 26
by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/22/03

[1] On January 16, 2003, Space Shuttle "Columbia" lifted off into space. On that same day, the residence of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan was burglarized. As described by the Associated Press story, 1/22/2003, the maid had gone shopping. The residence had apparently been "cased" by the burglars for some time. According to AP, the thieves were looking for the jewelry of Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell.[
[What they were really looking for is described in Part 25 of this series.]
[2] On February 1, 2003, Space shuttle "Columbia" exploded. Early reports, however, denied that it had exploded. On that afternoon, on network television, a person described as Andrea Mitchell told how the explosion of Space Shuttle "Challenger" on Janu ary 28, 1986, was a convenient disaster as to the then President Ronald Reagan. At the time, Reagan was being heckled with charges that he was implicated in the Iran-Contra situation. That funds secretly given to the Iranians were skimmed off to finance the counter-revolutionaries in Nicaragua, to evade the Boland Amendment, prohibiting the U.S. from financing the Contras as they were called.
At the time Daddy Bush, as Vice President, denied he knew anything about this. He said he was "out of the loop" and thus not told what was going on. Later facts brought out by the Independent Counsel showed otherwise. In later years, some Congressmen an d other insiders admitted that they thought about impeaching President Reagan but thought it would be a bad thing for the nation. Working on a report on the Iran-Contra mess was a commission headed by Senator John Tower (R. Texas). For short, it was cal led the Tower Commission. In 1991, when he was unfairly defamed in being rejected by the Daddy Bush Administration for Secretary of Defense, Tower began grumbling he was going to bring out some dirty secrets of the elder Bush then President. Convenient ly, Tower perished with his daughter in an apparent sabotaged plane crash in April, 1991. About the same time, Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.), heir to the Heinz Ketchup fortune was himself snuffed out when his airplane was hit fro! m below by a helicopter. Although some believed it was foul play, others contended the helicopter pilot, examining whether the Heinz plane could not lower the landing wheels, slammed into the plane. Others raised the sinister version that the whirlybir d pilot wanted somehow to commit "suicide". Heinz' widow married Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.), long connected to the American CIA. Senator Kerry in investigating the dope traffic through his subcommittee, conveniently covered up the role of the espion age agency money laundry, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, that also financed the campaigns of a group of senators including Kerry.
[3] Those close to Greenspan, were in a position to know that he was getting tired of being ordered to do certain acts to unlawfully, in violation of Anti-Trust laws, force down the price of gold, among other things he was compelled by the aristocracy t o do after being installed by them as head of their PRIVATE central bank. The "black bag" job on Greenspan's residence was the last straw. Despite negative acts Andrea Mitchell may have done prior to 2/1/2003, she did a brave and patriotic act, good for common Americans, to implicitly draw an analogy. That is, the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion was a Disaster of Convenience, just like that of "Challenger". It served to divert attention, for a period from the growing anti-war sentiment as to George W . Bush's plan to invade Iraq to remove his father's private business partner, from the 1980s, Saddam Hussein. Saddam and Daddy Bush shared billions of dollars from extortion practiced on the oil-rich weak sheikdoms of the Persian ! Gulf. The secret partnership was the subject in 1990-91, of an unpublicized federal lawsuit in Chicago. I was the only journalist at the court hearing and in the back of the courtroom interviewed the participants. [Details in our website story, "The Sec rets of Timothy McVeigh".] Like other once partnerships, these partners had a falling out.
As to how the Daddy Bush Whitehouse supplied the beginnings of Iraq's nuclear quest and that of bio-chemical weapons, see the heavily documented book "The Spider's Web" by Alan Friedman, investigative journalist for the Financial Times of London. How di d Daddy Bush escape impeachment?
[4] On September 11, 2001, for some time after being informed one and then another plane slammed into the twin towers in lower Manhattan, George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House, described by some as a usurper of presidential powers , he continued to joke with school children about stories about goats. On Black Tuesday, Bush. He did not by phone, radio, or otherwise, immediately communicate with his Generals and Admirals. There was a strange stand-down of the military, described by some as part of a foreknowledge, deliberate plan.
On February 1, 2003, on the other hand, White House occupant Bush immediately was brought from Camp David to the White House where he began giving orders what was to be done.
[5] Astute commentators and investigators, such as Michael Ruppert, have raised the question that there was prior knowledge at the highest level of 9-11. The purpose, as described by Ruppert, and others, was to sidestep and head off, by the Black Tuesd ay disaster, the expected and impending financial meltdown of the United States.
By the disaster of convenience, the explosion of "Challenger", the Reagan/Elder Bush White House evaded the consequences of their treasonous acts and doings in the Iran-Contra Affair leading back to the treachery of the "October Surprise", where incumbe nt Jimmy Carter was shown to be a wimp because he could not get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by the Iranians. Daddy Bush, in a Paris suburb, secretly taped by the French CIA, paid off the Iranians to keep the hostages until the Reagan/Bush t icket won the election and were inaugurated. The hostages were released at the very moment Reagan was sworn in as the new President, January, 1981. By multiple gunmen shooting at him, however, a few weeks later, Reagan was warned he has to follow ORDERS . The failed assassination taught Reagan a lesson.
[6] A flood of misleading and contradictory reports by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press covered up any possible foul play in the disaster in 1986 of "Challenger". No official U.S. investigation was made of the high-tech Soviet ship located rig ht near where "Challenger" lifted off and then very shortly thereafter exploded and the capsule fell into the ocean. The explosion was explained away, conveniently, by a possible failing of a retaining ring in the Space Shuttle, referred to as an "O rin g". Naturally, the public beat on the brain repeatedly with that explanation, more or less accepted that. That was before widespread talk radio, before Internet, before more alternate ews reports now available.
[7] As to the explosion of "Columbia" Space Shuttle, Americans will no doubt be beat on the head again by the pressfakers. That some tiles came loose causing the disaster.
As to a split in the Aristocracy that would explain several strange events, the "Liars and Whores of the Press", as we see fit to call them, will not point to various happenings as possibly part of the same scenario. Black Tuesday and the growing unders tanding by careful investigators that there was prior knowledge. Such as counter-terror expert, FBI top official John P. O'Neill, who resigned just prior to 9-11, because the Bush White House ordered him to stop investigating Osama bin Laden. Why? Becau se of the Bush Crime Family being in partnership with the bin Laden Family that has NOT been on the outs with Osama. O'Neill became the new security chief of the World Trade Center, and although originally safe outside the buildings, was somehow lured i nside to his death. [Visit earlier parts of this series for related details.]
Such as top officials of both the current Bush Administration being criminally implicated with the downfall of Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Andersen. Such as top officials of both the Republic National Committee and the Democrat National Committee being likewise criminally implicated.
Such as George W. Bush being blackmailed by the Red Chinese Secret Police to get U.S. military secrets out of him. Why? Because they and others, otherwise, may publicize the no longer secret cavorting of Bush with his male sex-mate. It is not, as we car efully have descibed, a PRIVATE matter, but a matter of national security. [See prior parts of this series.] [8] Lawyers know how to split hairs to fudge on the truth. Bill Clinton's understanding of sex is when the male penetrates the female. Hence, Monica Lewinsky performing oral sex with him, was not, according to Clinton, "sex with that woman". In the "Col umbia" disaster, NASA said it was too early to know what happened. Despite that, a spokesman for the newly created Homeland Security, boldly stated that no ground-to-air missile brought down the Space Shuttle at 207,000 feet above Earth. What about a Wa ter-to-Air projectile? Conveniently left unsaid was any discussion of Star Wars, laser or particle beams possibly aimed at the Space Shuttle from satellite. Some reports contend a satellite mysteriously changed course just before the explosion of "Colum bia".
And what about HAARP, the super-beam technology particularly good at putting many million watt scorching particularly at the level above earth that the "Columbia" was reportedly at when it exploded. The U.S. Military has bragged that they are always te n years ahead in technology where the ordinary people think the military is at. Savvy sorts contend particle beam technology is old hat. That there is a so far publicly un-named technology that can through electromagnetic or other pulsing, bring down ai rplanes (such as that of Wellstone where a witness said there was a strange flash near the plane's tail just as it dived into a crash).
[9] When there is a political assassination, the monopoly press NEVER raises the obvious question WHO BENEFITS. If there is a disaster, and possible foul play is not ruled out, WHO BENEFITS.
Research note In Part 25 of this series, I left out the fact that most all the details contained in that Part 25 story, were in a highly detailed petition, prepared by me, and submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, shortly after 1992. We a sked that Channel 38 TV have its broadcast license revoked for having assisted in the coverup of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her business partners, including Diane Lewis, who was in September, 1992, arrested, of sending missile parts to known worldwide t errorists. And that the higher ups at Channel 38 aided and abetted these offenses in violation of federal criminal provisions as to exports. Highly political under the Clinton Administration, and long known as corrupt, the FCC refused us a hearing on ou r highly detailed petition asking for Channel 38 TV Chicago to be appropriately punished as a licensed tv broadcaster.
More coming....Stay tuned.

Part 43
Daddy Bush and Teddy Kennedy-The Meeting
by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/25/03

It was centuries in the making. The split between the Old World and the New World. Between East and the West. The Divide, the Vatican, the Reformation, the Protestant Church. The Capitalist World and their creation of their own "enemy" , the Communist World.
It was the fall of 2003. In the view of some, there was a most unlikely meeting of two persons. At least as considered by some, each a spokesperson for a different faction. George Herbert Walker Bush. Promoted into the oil business by the British Royalty (actually German Royalty, the House of Hanover, masquerading as the House of Windsor). A functionary of the American CIA since 1959, using his front worldwide units of Zapata Petroleum Co., later Zapata Offshore. In 1961, supervisor of the disastrous aborted CIA invasion of Cuba at "The Bay of Pigs". 1976, Director of Central Intelligence, arranged the murder in Washington of a former top official of Chile. 1977-1981, Director of a pharmaceutical firm, complicit re portedly in the dope underground with cocaine, a by-product of the production of the secret base of Coca-Cola by Stepan Chemical Co., Northfield, Illinois.
October, 1980, French Intelligence videoed Daddy Bush arranging a traitorous deal with top officials of Iran near Paris. The Iranians were bribed to help the Reagan/Bush ticket win the Presidential/Vice President election by showing in cumbent President Jimmy Carter as a wimp running for re-election. The bribery was to avoid the dreaded "October Surprise", if Carter got the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by Iran. By the Bush treason, the hostages were held to exactly the moment in January, 1981, when Reagan/Bush were inaugurated. Bush was Vice President, 1981, and President, 1988.
Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. Son of the Irish Patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy. The Family having been from the 1920s, during Prohibition, making British royalty beholden to them. How? By Ol d Man Kennedy arranging to smuggle into the U.S. the booze products chartered by the British Royals. This was done with the aid of gangsters, Boston, Detroit, and Chicago. The criminals continued the distribution of the booze even after liquor was legal in the U.S. Teddy in 1964 survived an assassination plot in a sabotaged plane crash. His brothers, John F. and Robert F., did not survive murder plots, 1963 and 1968.
A transcript of the Fall of 2003 meeting, before the 40th Anniversary of the JFK murder.
Edward M. Kennedy "George, I think by now, through your sources, you already know, the French CIA, for several decades now, has leaked out a few details as to Dallas. Although their people infiltrated the plot, their high-ups did not see fit to stop it, believing I suppose it could not be stopped or better to withhold details for blackmail. As you know, Oswald was a French intelligence agent, a hero, who fell between the cracks. His mother often said Oswald was under cover as with N aval Intelligence. Now my niece Caroline insists that I show you these films and documents."
[A projector is set up and the films shown. On one film, taken from the Overpass bridge, is shown the shots straight-on hitting Kennedy. Other parts of films, show one of the shooters using the storm sewer up on the railroad embankment , right near Dan Rather standing in the shadows nearby.]
George Herbert Walker Bush "Teddy, you know the problem. Your brother Jack was soft on the Communists. Three weeks before Dallas, he ordered the coup against the Saigon regime of Premier Diem, a devout Catholic, and his two brothers, all anti-Communists---they were assassinated on your brother's orders. And your brother denied U.S. warplane cover at the Bay of Pigs, thus helping Fidel Castro, a Communist. Jack lost his nerve in 1962 in the Cuban Missile Crisis."
Teddy "That Saigon matter is a frame-up, supposedly making the Vatican approve of what happened to Jack."
George "Jack was allowing the country to be split on black-white racial lines by an agitator, Dr. King, a Communist."
Teddy "I do not believe Dr. King was a Communist. I know Hoover hated us and said King was a Red."
"I suppose you know about the book written by a team of French Intelligence under a pen-name? 'Farewell America'." George "The main thing is your brother was dealt with like any Crowned Head of State. After the powers that be determined that your brother was a traitor, Lyndon [Baines Johnson, then Vice President] and I, and other noteworthy person s, including those in the Military and Intelligence, and others, arranged a public execution. On the facts, it was justified and proper."
Teddy "George, it was not justified. Jack found terrible murder plots within the CIA, and was determined to scatter them to the wind and you know it. He would not instigate a nuclear strike against the Soviets. It is nonsense to claim Jack was a Communist, or soft on them. He wanted to take away the tax loophole favoring your oil pals."
George "Your brother was a traitor. He had to be punished, as a symbol to all, that a traitor will have his head chopped off or his brains blown out, in public, for all to see."
Teddy "My family has been in favor of silence on these subjects. They do not want to go public to rebut these outrageous accusations. Caroline, my niece, dissents. She demands the matters, the films, the documents, once and for all, b e made public. Her husband, Schlossberg, a grain speculator, for business reasons, wants the silence to continue."
George "Publicizing the details cannot be allowed."
Teddy "Why?"
George "Because the public is stupid. How can we explain high-level Affairs of State to dummies? The public execution was justified and necessary, and you know it. To reveal all the details now would tear the country apart."
So, on the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of John F.Kennedy, the media permitted, at least some did, the finger to be pointed at Lyndon Baines Johnson, now dead, once Vice President and then President. In espionage jargon, this is dealing with a sticky subject by a "limited hang-out", a throwaway detail.
Not accused, and they should be, are the British Royalty, the American CIA, Daddy Bush's Texas oil buddies, and Fascist killers high up in the U.S. Military and Intelligence agencies.
Considering that the French are holding all the cards---the films and proof as to Dallas---it was plain stupid for Bush, Jr., that is George W. Bush, to attack the Paris government regarding the plan to invade Iraq. Daddy Bush, maybe m ost have already forgotten, publicly opposed the pre-emptive attack on Iraq.
The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press would not dare report any details, which they already know, of the meeting between Daddy Bush and Teddy Kennedy.
For background, visit our website series Overthrow, Part 42 and other parts. Also, as to revealing details of the Kennedy Family, see our four-part series on the murder of JFK, Jr., "What Happened to America's Goldenboy". Somewhere on our website is the FBI document showing George Bush, of CIA, was involved with in some way covering up witnesses as to the Dallas murder. As to Daddy Bush, the Corrupt Federal Judges, underground dope and cocaine, and Stepan Chemical Co., see our extensive website series "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts".
More coming. Stay tuned. 

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