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Iran and the Real rulers thereof - 2

Part One of a Series
by Sherman H. Skolnick
This series going to deal with the following:
===Cocaine and Coca-Cola ===Coca-Cola and the espionage/mafia cartel ===Coca-Cola's reputed spy apparatus inside their enemy's camp in an important unpublicized blockbuster court case against the soda pop monster ===malign if not corrupt influence on the Courts ===Coca-Cola as "Big Brother" and the Echelon worldwide spy machine.
From the beginning, Coca-Cola always had a trace of cocaine. Early in the 20th Century it became part of a now forgotten prosecution of the soda bubble water drink. Over the years, doctors treating stomach ailments quietly used a mixture containing Coca-Cola syrup base. Of course, NOT used by doctors, who knew the score, was the base for Pepsi-Cola, Royal Crown Cola, or for that matter, any of the other fizz drinks. Savvy sorts, when they ran short of Drano, knew to pour Coca-Cola down their home plumbing. The acids in Coke cleared the plumbing almost as good as the high-priced hardware store stuff. Nutritionists raised their eyebrows. What does Coca-Cola do to the human plumbing?
Coke advertised with scenes of sports stars, speed boat enthusiasts, and such. To give the impression that Coke adds to a vibrant, healthy life. Yet Coke rightfully cannot make any nutrition claims. At least that is what their critics swear by and swear at.
Hey, how come Drano and other pipe-uncloggers, do not also advertise with speed boat pictures, sports stars, and such?
Some years ago, I interviewed on tape, a top official of the firm that makes the secret Coca-Cola base. That is Stepan Chemical, headquartered in the north suburb of Chicago, Northfield, and with plants elsewhere. They are the largest importer in the western world of coca leaves, used for Coke's base. A by-product, as admitted by the Stepan boss, is cocaine sold by them to the pharmaceutical industry. Does any of it also slip by as contraband? In the 1970s, some alternative journalists began heckling cocaine-linked Stepan Chemical. He said he was aware of the criticism of Stepan regarding cocaine. He could not go into it too far, he said, because of reasons of "national security". Or did he really mean, "Stepan security"? The bosses of Stepan have always been close to the Daley family that since the mid-1950s, with just a short hiatus, runs Chicago's city hall machine.
Early on in their history, The Coca-Cola Company assisted the U.S. in espionage. When the company set up bottling plants and distribution facilities in a new country, sent in were spy operatives. The place to hang their hat was the offices and plants, worldwide, of the much ballyhooed drink. The cocaine trace made it addictive. So did the sugar content, according to some nutritionist. With the U.S. Senate subcommittee hearings on Iran-Contra late in the 1980,s, the CIA-Coca-Cola link was dealt with. In Nicaragua, for example, those with CIA, when the Senate subcommittee asked, where with local offices of The Coca-Cola Company. By the end of the 20th Century, Coke bought about a billion dollars a year in advertisements in the monopoly press, even more when you add up their so-called "independent" subsidiaries.
Coke reportedly uses worldwide, mafia-type strong-arms to assure distribution and wreck competitors. Such as making soda pop competitors' refrigerator units in stores to over-night, disappear. In some places it is the traditional Sicilian and Italian mafia. In other places, former Soviet Secret Police agents the KGB, like in the U.S. and current Russia, called the mafiya. Elsewhere used reportedly are the numerous Japanese underworld, the Yakuza.
Feeding on lush revenue of Coke ads, the press whores are not about to run news items or documentaries pointing out the reportedly close link between The Coca-Cola Company, covert operations of the American CIA, and the criminal cartel.
A key player, reportedly combining covert operations and the soda pop, was Roberto Goizueta. A Cuban, he started with the firm at their Havana offices in 1954. From 1980 to about the time of his death in 1997, Goizueta was at the helm of the spy-pop witches brew, operating in most every place on the globe. Through stock options he became a billionaire.
Goizueta's father was a Cuban sugar plantation dictator. Cuba was the major source of cane sugar used in the cola drink. Because of the ferment for change, needed was a new front man in Cuba. Batista, and the mafia, and the wealthy criminal families sucking the sugar blood out of Cuba, had overplayed their hand. So the American CIA, with the help of their reputed Atlanta-based adjunct, The Coca-Cola Company, installed their darling, Fidel Castro, a popular hero. When, like Frankenstein's monster, he turned against his creators, they plotted to overthrow Castro and assassinate him. It was 1961 and it was called the Bay of Pigs operation. The Coca-Cola Company and other old-time imperial firms having an entrenched interest to have Cuba as a puppet colony, participated with CIA. Aiding them was Claire Boothe Luce, wife of the boss of the Time-Life Magazine empire. With the American CIA actually since 1959, through his espionage front, Zapata Petroleum, was George Herbert Walker Bush. He aided as well the aborted mission. One of the attempted invasion vessels was named after Bush's operations. Out of official government office was Richard Milhous Nixon. In 1961, he was the overlord for the planned invasion. Blamed for the aborted invasion planned actually by President Eisenhower, President John F. Kennedy said as a punishment, he would scatter the CIA to the wind. CIA boss Allen Dulles, sacked by JFK, called him a "traitor". Some say the JFK threats against CIA led to the plot to assassinate him.
Some would simplify this story by pointing to Coke trying to change over greatly to a diet cola, as a way of breaking loose of filling the void once supplied by Cuban cane sugar, against which there was a U.S. embargo. By the end of the 20th Century, the major player in supplying the chemical sweeteners for non-Diet Coke, was Archer-Daniels-Midland. At the time of Watergate, the head of ADM was to have been prosecuted for secret participation in Nixon's covert operations slush fund. Dwayne Andreas was too useful to the American CIA for them to allow him to be jailed. Like The Coca-Cola Company in the past, by 1999, ADM had an interest in putting their claws on Cuba. Through foreign subsidiaries, ADM had big investments in operating food refineries in Cuba, to exploit their agriculture abundance. ADM was the principal player for the faked propaganda bombardment and orchestrated event, to open up Cuba and drop the U.S. embargo. It was called the Elian Gonzalez affair. Only one lesser known publication dared spell out the ADM-Cuba-Elian Gonzalez link. In the spring of 2000, under a headline "How Did ADM Pull This Off?", The Massachusetts News started their blockbuster item with "What is Archer-Daniels-Midland and why does it want to build another food refinery in Cuba? Where does it get its power?" The article went on to lambast ADM, "The company is a speculator in and processor of corn and other grains around the world. It has tremendous influence on politicians AND THE MEDIA." (Emphasis added.) So the Elian Gonzalez affair was just a smoke screen. The story quotes Forbes Magazine 2/7/2000, and their headline "ADM PREPARES FOR LIFTING OF CUBAN EMBARGO". Note ADM sponsors many of the mass media's TV talk shows as well as PBS's "Jim Lehrer News Hour".
The story of ADM and The Coca-Cola Company and a corrupt Chicago Federal Judge will be in a later part of this series.
A major player in The Coca-Cola Company has been Warren Buffet. If you are naive and believe in fairy tales, then you believe he made his great fortune through crafty operation starting with a department store in Omaha. To heckle him, some of his critics pronounce his name,French-style, phonetically Buffay. Buffet became a major owner of Coke stock and held a position on their Board of Directors. Few, if any, dare even whisper that Buffet's fortune is reportedly based on operating companies that are money laundries and propaganda horns for the American CIA. The list would have to include CIA adjuncts such as the Wells Fargo Bank, helping CIA's Pacific basin operations, and the CIA-apologist, The Washington Post Company. (Read, if you can find it, Deborah Davis' book, "Katherine the Great" about the Washington Post and the CIA.
To understand Warren Buffet, who mouths off his wonders at universities training so-called would-be business stars, you would have to be a profound investigator, from mostly secret sources, on the worldwide dope trafficking by the American CIA. When you are knowledgeable on that, then, and only then, do you understand the financial buffoon, Warren Buffet. Is it a mere coincidence that his purported nephew, Jimmy Buffet, and his rock concerts seem to be part of making dope use fashionable? His band, The Corral Reefers, is a word play for narcotics. At his concerts, there is reportedly massive trafficking and use of dope. And the local corrupted police have the badge of the three monkeys.
Some had misgivings about another purported relative of Warren Buffet, the once popular Art Bell, the middle-of-the-night talk show host. Bell was broadcasted on hundreds of major wattage radio stations in major markets, never known to broadcast the truth about the Federal Reserve, or political assassinations, and a lot of other suppressed topics. With his reputed heavy intelligence agency background, was Bell's program just some more psychological warfare operations? In crude terms, was it just mindf--k?
Late in the 20th Century, a strange series of events started targeting The Coca-Cola Company. Various European governments and the European Union began attacking Coke.===That Coke's products in Europe are contaminated. Such as in Belgium and Poland, among others.===That The Coca-Cola Company usesw monopoly tactics to injure competitors. Such as in Italy.===Dawn raids on Coke's offices and closing down their plants, grabbing up records and accusing The Coca-Cola Company of making people sick with their products.
Is there a simple, though incomplete, unpublicized explanation for this epidemic of attacks on The Coca-Cola Company? The French CIA accused Microsoft of being a spy operation and proprietary adjunct of the super-secret U.S. National Security Agency, the signal intelligence spooks. Further, France and other European copuntries are accusing The Coca-Cola Company of being, like Microsoft, an adjunct and private company proprietary of the American CIA. Privitizing some of CIA's operations makes it impossible to get possibly incriminating records, if at all, through invoking the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. You cannot force government disclosure, for example, of CIA's private company proprietary adjunct, Wackenhut, a alter ego for CIA with more emplopyes and operations that CIA itself. )Spy Magazine, 9/92.)
Further, France and other European countries are accusing Coke of using some of their methods and satellite operations to assist and as a cover for Echelon, the super "Big Brother" gobbling up most everyone's private details and tracking, through key words, what most everyone communicates with anyone else in the world.
Raiding Coke's European plants and offices---claiming anti-trust violations and poisoning up the populace---is just another way of sending the Atlanta-based spy/soda-spitting rattlesnake the message We do not like American spies and vipers. More coming. Stay tuned. 

by Sherman H. Skolnick
A good handle on a number of details is necessary to understand this subject.
1. In 1953, British and U.S. oil interests were upset with the popular head of Iran, Premier Mossadegh, who demanded a bigger cut for his countrymen of Iran's exploited oilfields. With an elite unit of U.S. Military Intelligence, (mostly Afro-Americans from Chicago who seemed to fit in good with the people of color in Iran) together with the money and plans of British Intelligence, Mossadegh was overthrown, and Shah Pahlavi was restored to his "Peacock Throne". [The coup facilitators later became part of a Chicago law firm that included George Leighton, a dark-skinned Portugeuse, who went on in later years to be a federal district judge and then mob-mouthpiece off the bench. We have the documents from the National Archives showing this group of former assassins/government overthrowers, were the secret attorneys in 1963 for CIA patsy falsely blamed for the murder of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald.]
The press-fakers told us little of what was involved. Such as that the Shah and his elders had been pro-Nazi and caused quite a problem for the Allies in World War 2. Former intelligence spook, Kermit Roosevelt, wrote a book, "Counter Coup", about it, letting slip the involvement of British spies in the overthrow of Mossadegh. His book was withdrawn from U.S. bookstores before distribution. Only 8 copies were left and we have several of those suppressed books. Later, a sanitized version was issued.
2. The British purpose On behalf of the British Monarchy, under the Palestine Mandate, British Intelligence planned for a Jewish-dominated Palestine, to be put in position to irritate the surrounding Arab countries soaked with oil. It was the British historical method Divide and Conquer. That is, use the new State of Israel to keep the oily Arabs off-balance. A British-owned newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, steers the pot repeatedly fomenting troubles, between the Jews and the Arabs.
3. The British Monarchy financed the oil endeavors of George Herbert Walker Bush, which later became the firm of which he owns a great part, Pennzoil. See our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes the Bush Family," as to how Bush used crooked high court judges in Texas to grab onto their competitor, Texaco, whose major source of oil is Iraq. When the Queen of England visits America, she stays at the home in Texas of Bush the Elder's trusted secret money handler, William Stamps Farish III, who owns and boards the studs that mate with the Queen's mares. Also on our website are the secret documents of Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the joint account of George Herbert Walker Bush and the Queen of England, at the bank owned by the Monarchy, Coutts Bank, London. Billions and billions of dollars from the dope trafficking trade, go through that joint account, with the aid and blessing of the Czar of the Federal Reserve.
As to the Bush family and the British Monarchy, see "George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaikin.
4. For well over a hundred years, J.P. Morgan & Co. have been the Queen's agents headquartered in New York. In its simplest form, how the U.S. was lured into Europe's War in 1917, involved huge loans for munitions to Britain from Morgan. When England could not pay back, Morgan arranged to instigate events falsely dragging America into the war. This whole situation was planned prior to the war's onset in 1914. The foisting of the conspiratorial Federal Reserve onto the docile and innocent American people in 1912, was part of the scheme to consolidate America as the money cow for Great Britain's bloody adventures.[In 1934, the Federal Reserve connived in seizing the gold of ordinary Americans who were not legally permitted to own gold again until 1975.]
To show their loyalty, J.P. Morgan & Co. traditionally have flown the Britsh flag at their Wall Street location.
5. J.P. Morgan & Co. and their affiliates, such as Morgan Stanley brokerage, together with the parent holding companies of 18 money center banks have been part of a scheme to artificially force up the price of oil, starting just prior to the year 2000 Presidential election. The press whores do not mention that there is, in fact, a worldwide glut of oil. Remember the key event in December, 1998, was NOT the impeachment resolutions just on sex charges against Clinton. It was that the price of crude oil had settled down to about ten dollars per barrel.
Through cryptic and little-understood derivatives, through oil futures, and other exotic gambling instruments, the Morgan interests and the linked banks and their holding firms, bet hundreds of billions of dollars that they could force up the price of oil, to their mutual corrupt benefit. In September, 2000, oil reached just short of $38.00 per barrel for crude. When the price nevertheless declined to about $31.00 per barrel, in October, 2000, Morgan and their gang and some 18 banks and their holding firms were in danger of collapse. About a trillion dollars was needed to bail them out, including reportedly Bank of America and their foreign exchange gambling units.
The Federal Reserve along with reputed brokerage swindlers Goldman Sachs & Co., were already far over-extended in committing a monstrous price-fixing conspiracy keeping the price of GOLD artificially low. [Being sarcastic, we call them Goldman SUCKS.] A high price of gold tends to discredit the paper money of the PRIVATE BANK, called the Federal Reserve, issuing basically mountains of toilet paper masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar", backed by nothing but hot air. The cost of production of gold, by the most efficient mines in Canada, is about $285.00 per ounce. This Anti-Trust cabal in September, 1999, had through schemes forced down gold to $252.00 per ounce.By the time of the big oil swindle in the fall of 2000, the price of gold hovered in the range of $272.00 per ounce, so low as to bankrupt high-cost producing gold mines in South Africa.
To divert attention from the threatened melt-down of Morgan and their oil gambling, Morgan's assets in brokerage, in the press, in government, began a concerted campaign to trigger-off old-timers, even younger types, of the possiblity of a later-day type of 1929 Crash. [In its simplest explanation, the Crash of 1929, was caused by the British withdrawing huge amounts of "call money" from Wall Street which had been financing margin accounts, Americans gambling on stocks at ten cents on the dollars. At the height of the deluge, Winston Churchil was sitting in the gallery of the New York Stock Exchange, keeping an eye on matters and personnally profitting by the instigated calamity.]
By the new century, setting the stage for a new crash, has been a Morgan stooge, The Wall Street Journal. We call them, "The House of Morgan". The Journal's faked up stories, written by high-paid scribblers, whipsaw newly-minted stock and commodity jockeys, first inflating their misguided optimism and then promoting undue and morbid pessimism.
6. Who in the monopoly press bothers to remind us The British since the War of 1812, persistently have vowed to overthrow the American government and return this continent to being a British puppet colony. Britain specializes in promoting different racial, ethnic, and geographic groups to attack each. Britain knew just how to exploit the North-South hostility to foment the American Civil War. British ships ran the Northern blockade to supply the Confederacy with weapons. Britain had a hand in the political assassination of President Abraham Lincoln just after the close of the war.
And the Brits had a hand in the assassination of two other U.S. Presidents who were against Britain dominating the financial and industrial development and future of the United States President James Garfield and President William McKinley. Yes, the press-liars told us "lone assassins" did it, and too many Americans believe the fairy tales in their high school history books.
7. Because of so-called "terrorist" attacks on U.S. facilities, such as U.S. Embassies in Africa in 1998, Clinton as President, said he would if he could find them, seize and freeze the huge bank accounts of head worldwide "terrorist" Osama bin Laden. Clinton's statement is simply a rotten joke. In October, 1998, I and an associate of mine from our TV program, Joseph Andreuccetti, without prior notice, showed up at the headquarters in Chicago of Harris Bank which had become a unit of the whiskey-soaked bosses, the Bronfmans, of Bank of Montreal. [The Bronfmans have owned the Seagrams booze octopus. A major owner of Harris Bank has been U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R.,Ill.)The Bronfmans and Fitzgerald, in turn, are major owners of the reputed dope laundry in Mexico and U.S., Grupo Financiero Bancomer, reportedly laundering for the Russian mafiya.]
We ended up with an impromptu meeting with top officials of Harris Bank. We confronted them as to their secret accounts of so-called "terrorists" and known embezzlers. The White House, the Justice Department, and other Federal agencies, need not look far to find Osama bin Laden's huge accounts. He has a series of secret accounts in Harris Bank jointly with the Charles Percy family that reportedly are, with bin Laden, in the multi-billion dollar construction business in the Mid-East. [Charles Percy was once U.S. Senator (R.,Ill.)] Those joint accounts include Percy's daughter, Sharon Percy ROCKEFELLER,wife of the U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller 4th(R., W.Va.). He calls himself "Jay" to be cute. She is a top honcho of the supposed "public" NPR. Since they protect the Rockefeller oil interests, we call them NATIONAL PETROLEUM RADIO.
8. In 1983, was the so-called "terrorist" bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon. Several hundred asleep young Americans died. The press either failed to report or severely down-played that the explosives used were a secret formula controlled by and exclusively used by the American CIA. Common Americans, made docile and dumb, by too much censored school textbooks, by too much emphasis on circus-like sports and porno-like entertainment, cannot bring themselves to believe that the Ruling Class would murder ordinary fellow Americans, to carry out some World Government scheme, some private financial grabbing of small properties of just ordinary Americans.
9. In the midst of the year 2000 fake oil crisis, a U.S. warship in a harbor in Yemen, at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, was bombed. The press whores said it was simply a "terrorist" bombing, most likely, they said, instigated by Osama bin Laden. Of course, if so, nothing was said about bin Laden's financial treasures interwoven jointly with the major oil crooks, the Rockefellers through Harris Bank, Chicago.
Nothing was said about this ship the U.S.S. Cole having been scheduled, after the planned refueling in Yemen, to go to Bahrain. George Bush the Elder instigated the Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991. [See our website for related stories.] The upshot was that Bush arranged for the weak, degenerate sheikdom of Bahrain to be a permanent U.S. Military base, to benefit his son, George W. Bush. And Bush the Younger is interwoven with the financial future of Bahrain as an oil-soaked monarchy, through Harken Energy, a reputed petroleum swindle machine. Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger, having reportedly committed or aided and abetted various frauds, using Harken Energy, should long ago have been prosecuted and imprisoned for U.S. securities and other federal crimes.
In referring to the officials of foreign lands, the U.S. press whores like to point out, "He (or she) is the former head of that nation's secret political police". At the time of the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, the younger Bush was running for President. Why does not the American press simply refer to him correctly as "The son of the former chief of the secret political police running for America's highest office" ?
Time may tell, whether the Bush family and their cronies in the secret political police had a hand in causing the murder of the U.S. sailors on the bombed U.S.S. Cole, to be blamed onto Osama bin Laden, favorite whipping-boy "terrorist" boss-man. In time, the evil purpose may become clear, at least to those willing to understand these details. Did the Elder Bush and his cronies in the American CIA, for an evil purpose, supply the CIA-exclusive explosives for bombing the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon?
Was the infamous J.P. Morgan & Co., and the British Monarchy tied to the Bush family part of a scheme to corruptly influence the year 2000 Presidential election? To get an armlock on the U.S. government and the U.S. Constitution despised and spit upon by these arrogant bigshots?
This cannot be dismissed simply as a "conspiracy theory". We are NOT conspiracy theorists, as shown by the numerous state and federal corrupt judges over four decades sent to prison by our investigations. These are just the everyday events of the immoral aristocracy that owns and operates most everything in America. Condoned by a venal and lackey press and a highly corrupt judiciary and law industry. And approved of by the American Parliament, the so-called "Representatives" of the people, in Congress assembled.
A few references for further reading On the subject of Bush/Saddam Private Oil Deals and Harken Energy- by Tom Flocco, 2/18/2000,
The very heavily documented book "Treason-The New World Order" by Gurudas, Cassandra Press, P.O. Box 150868, San Rafael, CA 94915. "The Unseen Hand-An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History" by A. Ralph Epperson, Publius Press, 3100 South Philamena Place, Suite B, Tucson, Arizona 85730. And scroll on our website to find the FBI document of George Herbert Walker Bush being part of a cover-up in the political assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And "George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaikin. 

by Sherman H. Skolnick 

In the beginning, this nation was referred to as the United States IN America. Somewhere along the way, this country came to be called the United States OF America. The American Civil War had something to do with it. So did the federal law in 1863 authorizing NATIONAL banks. Then there were the post-Civil War flip-flop decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Greenbacks, U.S. Currency.
The U.S. Constitution took away from the States any right the inhabitants may have thought they had as independent states. For example, notice these provisions of the Constitution, Article I, Section 9
"No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State. No Preference shall be given by any Regulation of Commerce or Revenue to the Ports of one State over those of another; nor shall Vessels bound to, or from, one State be obliged to enter, clear, or pay Duties in another."
More than whispers. Some are talking about the idea of an illegitimate CENTRAL GOVERNMENT in the United States. The consequence, so far, of the year 2000 Presidential Election is that one candidate won the plurality of the popular vote and the other claims to have won the Electoral Vote. Even those who are not conspiracy theorists have to recognize historical facts. The ruling elite in New York financed Leon Trotsky and the creation of the Soviet Union, in 1917, with V. Lenin and later, Josef Stalin. And following World War Two, the American aristocracy spread the anti-Soviet feeling in the U.S. with the Red Scare. it was a way of temporarily strengthening the U.S. central government and the perception of a "foreign enemy". All along, of course, the enemy of the ruling elite was actually the common folk of America.
Among the cross-currents have been other events. Since at least the War of 1812, Great Britain has vowed to overthrow the American central government and return this continent and its inhabitants to being British subjects in puppet colonies. The Brits fanned the flames of a natural and regional hostility between the South and the North, leading to the American Civil War. British ships ran the Union blockade, to bring weapons to the Confederacy. [After the war, a key official of the Confederacy fled to England and lived out his life there.] The Brits played a role in the political assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. In the 36 years after the War Between the States, as southerners call it, we had two presidents who greatly resisted British interference with the industrial and financial developments and aspirations of the U.S. One President, James Garfield, was assassinated with British connivance and falsely blamed on a lone assassin. The other, was President William McKinley, likewise so murdered and blamed on a "lone nut". [I recognize that you may have read otherwise in your high school U.S. history textbook. And maybe relied on the falsely published accounts that a "lone assassin" killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963, his brother Bobby running for President in 1968, and their friend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., murdered as well in 1968.]
By the late 1980s, the world government promoters, and their secret societies, set about to destroy their creature, the Soviet Union. They did this by attacking their government structure, fomenting natural, ethnic, and religious hostilities between the far-flung provinces. And by attacking their poorly designed banking system and currency. The Western press began calling the warring pieces of the Soviet Union, as breakaway provinces. These portions of the U.S.S.R. undermined the Central Government in Moscow, by refusing to forward taxes and fees that all along financed the Soviet empire. The American CIA supplied modern weapons and financing to the opposition to the Soviets in their war against Afghanistan. The outcome, somewhat like the inglorious ending to the U.S. intervention in the Viet Nam civil war, resulted in great loss of confidence in the Central government. The result as war-losers, disgruntled, the soldiers of the Red Army at times have gone unpaid and live as vagabonds in tents.
The British Monarchy, carrying out their anti-U.S. Constitution policies, have set about to effectively dismember, dismantle, and discredit the American Central Government in Washington. In the simplest explanation, William Rockefeller Clinton was chosen by the secret Bilderberg Group of world elitists to be president. As a then rather obscure southern governor, he was invited to be anointed at their 1991 meeting in Germany. A CIA darling since college age, he was put in 1992 as a massive fraud on the American people, to run against his mentor, the former commissar of America's secret political police, George Herbert Walker Bush. They mutually agreed not to rattle each other's skeletons. Such as, Bush's Iran-Contra treason. Bush became vice president in 1980, by a secret traitorous meeting with the Iranians holding 52 U.S. American Embassy hostages. The Iranians agreed not to return the U.S. hostages until the successful inauguration of Ronald Reagan as President and Bush as Vice President in 1981. In return, Bush arranged to have U.S. weapons trans-shipped to Iran via Israel, so Iran could effectively keep up the price of Persian Gulf Oil by fighting a war with neighbor Iraq. All this destroyed Jimmy Carter's campaign for re-election since he appeared to be a wimp unable to get back the U.S. hostages prior to the 1980 election. Published revelations called it "The October Surprise".
On the other hand, Bush agreed not to publicize or confront presidential candidate Clinton as a pathological liar and rapist, and jointly with Hillary Rodham, as a massive bank embezzler. [See our website for stories about the mysterious 50 million dollars used to try to cover up a 47 million dollar embezzlement of a Little Rock financial institution by Bill and Hillary.] The alleged "Clinton" and his wife were actually a marriage of convenience, they being what is known as a "CIA couple". Each, from an early age, had duties with CIA. She later became Board Chairperson of the New World Foundation, a conduit for CIA funds to provocateurs, used to discredit grassroots movements. She was a director of the U.S. unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, in which the Elder Bush had a large financial stake. The firm reportedly supplied ingredients to Saddam Hussein of Iraq for the manufacturing of poison gas used against the dissident Kurds and war-enemy Iran.
In the Juanita Broaddrick rape, Clinton told her not to worry, since he was sterile since having mumps as a teen-ager. BUT who then fathered daughter Chelsea?
With this as a background to be considered, there is a growing perception that the American Central Government is illegitimate. If George W. Bush becomes the actual or acting President, states with a plurality of popular votes for Gore, are seriously considering to become breakaway states. Especially since Gore, nationwide, won the popular vote. They are exploring how to go about refusing to forward taxes and other funds to the Central Government in Washington, sort of like the breakaway provinces in respect to the Moscow Government. In the U.S., it is a step in the direction of a growing, new secessionist movement (like what led up to the War Between the States).
On the other hand, if Gore becomes the actual or acting President, states with a plurality of popular votes, and Electoral votes, for Bush are considering to become breakaway states as well. As of the date of the posting of this story, here is the list of the United States IN America, considering to become breakaway units, provinces, or territories, disconneting themselves financially and legally from the Central Government in Washington California, Pennsylvania, and New York. Also, possibly, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. One of the only territories to join the union with a proviso, Texas reserves the right for their State Legislature to split Texas into five separate states. Or in a secessionist movement, to become the Republic of Texas.
The whole idea seems like out of an unbelievable movie. There is a growing feeling to split up, or balkanize, the United States IN America, into ten separate Regions, as promoted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That agency, by the way, claims to sit ABOVE the U.S. Constitution, ABOVE the U.S. Congress, and ABOVE the Presidency. Some federal judges wear two hats, one being that they are also secretly officials of F.E.M.A. [See our website story "Emergency Provisions for Year 2000 Presidential Election".]
With America more and more caused to be perceived as a broken window, the anger of Americans seems to be directed against the Central Government in Washington. This anguish is promoted and fomented by the British, like the North-South mess leading up to the American Civil War. A financial tailspin may be the trigger setting loose a smart-bomb to wreck the Washington Government. In a more pedestrian analogy, some call it simply a horrendous foreign-created train wreck. Stay tuned. 

2/13/01 by Sherman H. Skolnick 

How did Marc Rich became virtual dictator of the Red Chinese operation to manufacture, such as on American soil, military and civilian bullets for the United States IN AMERICA? In the 1980s, he escaped from and obstructed U.S. criminal prosecution. He fled to Switzerland, and supposedly gave up his U.S. citizenship.
Making his headquarters in the Canton of Zug, where he became the reigning mogul, he caused vast revenue to drip down, of which they have come to depend on in Zug. Large sums developed from his worldwide trafficking in smuggled gold such as for covert intelligence operations; commodity deals to disguise forbidden shipments of oil, such as "soybeans"; clandestine missile swaps interwoven with supposed metal trading; transmitting bribery loot to secret accounts for corrupt public officials in U.S. and elsewhere; osmium nuclear bomb triggers sold, exchanged, or bartered, on the black market with state-sponsored terrorists, for some other product he needs to peddle or to fill an order, such as material extracted from the earth. He was already an expert at parking bribery funds for public officials, putting them in sleepy places where no questions are to be asked.
Marc Rich, real name Reich, grew up among those who knew and know first hand, and taught him, the intricacies of how to handle secret accounts, such as in clandestine banking havens, like Andorra, tucked away between France and Spain; such as in the Channel Islands between France and Great Britain, a favorite money place for highly corrupt Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, who like to influence and bribe federal prosecutors; such as Antigua, favorite for bribery money and blackmail funds to influence members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, like in the BCCI Affair. And other places also.
This done, in part, through major U.S. correspondent banks, like Citibank [owned by a wing of the Rockefeller Family with Saudi surrogates], that have hidden vast illicit funds for Mexican presidents. So they surely have not been squeamish in dealing with the likes of Marc Rich. And the U.S. financial press has given big criminals, like Marc Rich, a pass, for years and years. Just scratching around, if at all, the surface. Who ever mentions that former Mexico President Salinas---he and his brothers and family big in dope loot---somehow became a Director of Dow Jones, parent firm of the Wall Street Journal? Hey, when are THEY going to make Marc Rich a Director of the world's biggest circulation financial news operation, huh? Who do you have to influence [bribe?] to become a director of the firm owning the Wall Street Journal? How much do you have to "park" somewhere?
Marc Rich reportedly helped members of the George Herbert Walker Bush Family commit vast U.S. tax evasions and to commit treason during the Iran/U.S. hostage crisis, 1979-81. Rich has helped Red China, and their Secret Police in the United States, dominate the Chicago markets and hollow out U.S. finance and industry. Beyond mere whispers are the way Rich jointly with the Red Chinese and highly corrupt Israeli elite, reportedly dominate some of Chicago's La Salle Street commodity and currency brokers, such as REFCO-LFG Division [Richard Friedman & Co.] tied to both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as the Bush Family.[Visit our other website stories.] Rich is a great corrupt influence on foreign exchange trading, called FOREX, such as with Bank of America and Chicago-headquartered Harris Bank. [Visit our website for details of other corruption of the Giannini Family, their Bank of America, and Harris Bank.]
In October, 1980, meeting in a Paris suburb with fully authorized and ratified representatives of the Iranian dictator, the Elder Bush agreed to supply Iran weapons, to be trans-shipped through Israel, for Iran's war with Iraq. To keep high the price of oil, the Rockefellers and the oil-soaked British Royal Family, instigated the war in September, 1980, with Iraq and Iran being major oil pumpers; each sought to destroy the other's oil facilities.
By way of the secret meeting Iran, in turn, agreed to keep the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages until AFTER the 1980 presidential election of the Reagan/Bush ticket. This was for the purpose of making Jimmy Carter running for re-election look like a wimp not being able to get the hostage release. Carter, however, had a plan to get the release in October, just before the election, which would worry Bush. Hence, Bush coined the term "October Surprise". The hostages were released in January, 1981, just at the moment Reagan was safely inaugurated. Marc Rich played a role in all this in that, with impunity, he was allowed to violate the worldwide embargo on Iranian oil. When Reagan/Bush took office, nothing was done to Rich who had brokered some of the weapons deals via Israel to Iran. Rich also handled, for Bush, the millions of dollars given to Iran by Bush as part of the deal. The funds were trans-shipped via a highly corrupt functionary in the financial news industry, Earl Brian [later sent to prison on unrelated charges carefully omitting any of this.]
During the Iranian oil embargo, Marc Rich made hundreds of millions of dollars by treasonously circumventing the U.S.-led restrictions. Rich did this with firms largely owned by the George Bush Family jointly with Richard Cheney and their confederates. Many of Rich's dealings were disguised as soybean and currency trading, on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Cheney as alleged U.S. Vice President reportedly secretly helps supply Iraq oil exploration and pumping equipment through overseas firms of Cheney/Bush's Halliburton Co., as well as units Dresser-Rand and Ingersoll-Dresser Pump. [The Washington Times, owned by the illicit empire of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has covered up Rev. Moon's huge money ties to the George Bush Family. Details have been on-line by hard-hitting journalist Robert Parry. http//, a version of his print magazines. Also, see the populist newspaper Spotlight, 11/20/00, http//].
Splitting hairs, the Elder Bush some time after the treasonous dealings with Iran, told the few reporters that dared ask, "I wasn't in Paris" [NO, just a Paris SUBURB], and immediately contradicting himself, he said "But if I was there, nothing happened." The Israeli aristocracy---not the common people---have been complicit in these treasonous dealings brokered by Marc Rich as a high level operative of the Israeli secret political police, The Mossad. The Israeli elite, with vast inside knowledge from being middle-men in this dirty business, were able for 8 years to blackmail huge sums out of the Reagan White House, and for 4 years out of the George Herbert Walker Bush Administration. To keep Clinton as President off-balance, The Mossad planted Monica Lewinsky as a White House intern to entrap Clinton already known as a rapist and sexual predator. Since a teen-ager, she has reportedly been an accomplished Mata Hari-style seduceer-spy. Her father reportedly going back to the time he lived in Central America, was a "sleeper" operative of The Mossad, useable when needed. On and off for 6 years as Clinton White House Senior Advisor was dual U.S./Israeli citizen Rahm Emanuel. He reportedly has been Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America. He reportedly aided Marc Rich in huge clandestine dealings on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, dominated by the Jewish aristocracy, and the Chicago Board of Trade, dominated by the Irish Catholic elite. Rahm reportedly continues to work deals for Marc Rich jointly with the Red Chinese and the Israeli elite, through Wasserstein Perella & Co., of which Rahm is a Managing Director specializing in Asia transactions.
And what has been the role of Swiss officials in all this? In years past, the way Swiss officials protected Marc Rich is scandalous by U.S. standards. Rich was represented in Switzerland by the CHIEF PROSECUTOR for Canton Zug, who was also a DIRECTOR of one of Rich's firms, Marc Rich AG, as well as 33 other foreign firms registered in Zug. In a document to the Swiss authorities, the Chief Prosecutor of Zug set forth that Marc Rich was essential to the Swiss economy as well as that of other nations. The Chief Prosecutor's Chief Assistant sat on 26 corporate boards and the Zug police chief was a member of another ten. As the author of a book about Marc Rich described all this, "Rich went beyond covering all the bases; he bought the ballpark." "Metal Men- Marc Rich ahd the 10-Billion Dollar Scam", by A. Craig Copetas. New York G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1985, pages 192-193.
Some savvy folks contend that what happened with Marc Rich being defended instead of prosecuted by the Chief Prosecutor in Switzerland is actually typical what happens in the United States. Federal prosecutors in America too often protect major criminals and spend the bulk of their time running after routine inner city police corruption, bribery of the city government, and such. NOT MAJOR CORPORATE CRIMINALS. Federal judges who are influenced corruptly through banks they and their cronies own are not ever the subject of a federal grand jury probe. Federal judges who stuff the court records with their judicial perjuries to falsely justify a corrupt decision favoring a major corporate entity are not federal criminally punished as they should be. The only instance of a top-level federal appeals judge going to jail for bribery was caused by our work putting heat on the see-nothing INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT, 1969-1973. The affair did NOT remedy, however, the corruption built-in to the judicial system.
Marc Rich and his sidekick Pincus Green, "Pinky", head up one of the world's largest transacters in metals, such as tungsten from Red China. Part of the dealings on the Red Chinese deals have been arranged through Prescott Bush, Jr., brother of George Bush The Elder and Uncle of George W. Bush, alleged "President". According to published accounts, Prescott Bush, Jr. has also worked corrupt deals with the massive Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. To make the Red Chinese tungsten deals work, Rich and his firms paid a "commission" or bribe to Clinton as President as well as the First Lady Hillary and contributed heavily to her carpet-bagging campaign to be U.S. Senator from New York. The funds were funneled through tax-havens like Antigua, Andorra, the Channel Islands, and similar tax-dodge money black holes.
Grabbing up both ends of the strategic Panama Canal was not sufficient for the Red Chinese and their secret police. Penetrating fundamental equipment of the U.S. Military and local and federal police was more pertinent, toward the future date when they might decide to fight the U.S. The Red Chinese have been positioning themselves as the major supplier of bullets for the United States, military troops and civilian police use.
Helping the Rockefellers set up the Red Chinese on U.S. soil in bullet manufacturing have been members of the George Bush Family and their little-publicized confidants, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Together, the excuse they have, although not yet widely noted or discussed, is that lead bullets are toxic. Dubbed "green ammunition" because it is deemed to be environmentally "safe", the tungsten-core bullets manufactured by the Red Chinese has quietly started. Production has commenced at a huge facility arranged by the Red Chinese in Adelanto, California, which is relying on Red Chinese tungsten, brokered by Marc Rich with the aid of the Bush Family and the Clintons.
A populist newspaper, in a headline story "China Angling To Be Principal U.S. Ammo Provider", described it "The conversion from lead to tungsten for ammunition is expected to spill over into the civilian sector, where all lead shot used in shotguns, as well as the cores of bullets for rifles and handguns, will also be BANNED. This will have a major impact on American sportmen who cast their own bullets from lead, which melts at a relatively low temperature. Tungsten requires the intense heat of oxy-acetylene-generated temperatures to melt." Spotlight, 4/3/2000 (Emphasis added.)
Red China, considered by some to be a sworn enemy of the United States, is expected soon to become the major supplier of ammunition to the U.S. Military as well as for fire-arms by local and federal police. Nobody seems to be concerned that the tungsten-core bullets cost about 13 times more than lead, as material. Called J.J. Ammo, the company has been bringing in purported "technicians" from mainland China. Retired intelligence officers familiar with the project contend some of these alleged "technicians" are reportedly also with the Red Chinese Secret Police already active on United States soil. [Visit our website series, "The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]
Also set up to supply Red Chinese tungsten-core bullets to the U.S. Military and U.S. local and federal police, jointly with the Red Chinese themselves, is a firm jointly owned by the Israeli aristocracy with Marc Rich's group of Zug-registered companies. The firm, Israeli Military Industries, IMI, has business arrangements with Marc Rich, and has agents and/or offices in the U.S., including New Jersey. The Israeli ruling class seems devoted to assisting the U.S. ruling class in promoting gun control for common Americans at the same time restricting the availablity of ammunition to only the U.S. Military and local and federal police. Common Americans seeking to buy or use non-tungsten core bullets may end up on a master list to be rounded up for violating the expected ban on lead ammo.
So the described cabal is determined to make the U.S. entirely dependent on Red China as the world's major producer of tungsten, with Marc Rich and his gang supervising and brokering the deals. "Smaller amounts of tungsten are mined in India, Indonesia and South Africa. U.S. tungsten is mined from the sands along the beaches of South Carolina and Georgia and from underground mines in western Montana and western Nevada....there is not a sufficient amount for U.S. military ammunition needs from all of these sources combined." Spotlight newspaper, 4/3/2000.
A financial meltdown in the U.S. may make the foregoing highly pertinent. Stringent schemes and efforts have been underway to totally dis-arm common Americans. At the same time, special military forces, even foreign troops training on U.S. soil, are planning for the time when they may have to counter ordinary Americans rising up against a tyranny of the central government. The U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, Second Amendment, is plainly so ordinary Americans can resist what starting in the 20th century is called a fascist coup.
How Marc Rich cheated the Pope's soybean company in Chicago out of billions of dollars using crooked federal judges. How Marc Rich is like another Israeli secret political police operative murdered by being thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. Lots more coming.
Stay tuned. 

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