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Zaki Khalid | Veterans Today

Terminal X: Director General: Zaki Khalid

Zaki Khalid | Veterans Today

Zaki Khalid is a young geopolitical commentator and analyst based in Lahore, Pakistan. He has Bachelor of Arts in French, Journalism, Philosophy and Basic Psychology. Currently, he is pursuing a BS (Hons.) in Software Engineering. Apart from his studies, he is interested in research and writing. His areas of specialization are geopolitics between the US and Pakistan, Middle East at large and writing briefs on intelligence leads.

Some of his archived work is as follows:

Report on Blackwater & Affiliates published in Pakistan's mainstream newspaper "The Frontier Post" on August 6 2009 titled "Blackwater & Affiliates: History and Intentions". It was picked up as a study case by the nefarious MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)
- A report titled "The CIA's Eastern Outreach" published in a local defence journal and catalogued at Pakistan's National Defence University Library
- Tracing and leaking secret pictures of the infamous Wackenhut sex fest in Afghanistan that was shared on Ahmed Quraishi's forum PakNationalists and also made its way to Alex Jones' Prison Planet

- An intelligence brief I wrote on: "Concerns over the nuclear deterrence of Saudi Arabia"
- A report I wrote after the fake OBL attack, titled "Israel's Al Qaeda exposes itself by confirming CIA hoax at Abbottabad" subsequently picked up on

On August 14 2010, he launched an independent project named "Terminal X", which soon rose to the ranks in less than 5 months as Pakistan's premier geopolitics/intelligence analyses forum. During this phase, He was interviewed on May 15 2011 in Lahore by visiting Chilean journalist Santiago Pavlovic and the TVN Chile team. He presented a strong case that the OBL incident was a hoax and a set-up. Watch his segment in the documentary program Informe Especial's special series on the Osama bin Laden incident as aired on TVN Chile.

Some of his old intel briefs which he shared on his website:

Dispatch 2
Dispatch 5
Dispatch 6

On April 27 2011, before the Freedom Flotilla II siege when humanitarian activist Vittorio Arrigoni was murdered by the Zionist Israeli death squads, Zaki wrote a piece in tribute to his services. As expected, the article was rejected publication in mainstream newspapers across Pakistan but was readily published again at the Cross Cultural Understanding Network forum

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