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Saturday, December 3, 2011




By Jawad Raza Khan
December 2, 2011

The decisions of Defence Committee in the wake of NATO’s unprovoked aggression against the Pakistan Army have been hailed all across Pakistan and huge protests are still going on all along the lengths and breadths of the country.

“24- Setting the course” is dedicated to the officers and men from the

proud Pakistan Army who belonged to each and every corner of Pakistan. This is the magnificence of Pakistani nation, we all, from anywhere in the country, not only participate in building the nation but more than proudly, we die together and colour the map of complete Pakistan with our blood. (See map of Pakistan punctuated with home towns of our great Shaheeds).

Yes! It was 25th November 2011 when Americans topped their list of coward acts in the history of mankind; when they killed 24 officers and men of Pakistan Army who happened to be guarding the frontiers of Pakistan while helping America in their so called War on Terror.

Undoubtedly the loss is irreparable and demands great degree of resilience as a nation to understand digest and then react to this gutless action.

One day before the above-mentioned shameless action, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the militants had successfully targeted a US helicopter on Thursday in the Qarabagh district of Kabul Province and all 34 foreign troops on board had been killed (Reported by Press TV).

Point to note, just one day after Taliban’s action against US forces, it was revenged by the US in a non-soldiery, unethical and in a completely unbecoming manner. This also indicates towards the mindset of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, completely helpless, hopeless and shameless.

Hundreds of parked NATO supply trucks at the border checkpoint.

But what a big difference between 34 & 24, US media had to hide the deaths of US soldiers because it could trigger unrest in US and can add fuel to the Wall Street campaign.

On the other hand Pakistani soldiers after these unprovoked killings have been able to set a new course for this nation; the martyrs are enthusiastically hailed by cross section of Pakistani society; with their proud loved ones gratefully attaining pride after the early unnecessary deaths of their precious ones.

On the other hand, Pakistanis feels extremely sad about the friends and relatives of US soldiers who are dying to darkness and just for nothing with their bodies not taken to their homes and buried at unknown places (in order to avoid media highlights inside and outside US).

Continuous and vigorous effort of western and western-owned Pakistani private media (only an exception) has now been multiplied by zero. The wedge between military and civil fabric of Pakistan was again turned down emphatically by the masses as whole of the Pakistan is now protesting against US and in favour of Pakistan Army.

It is now very much understood by Pakistanis that prerequisite for west to ignite instability in any country starts after creating a clear wedge between Armed Forces and the masses. In this case, it turned out to be a debacle for US and its greedy allies because Pakistanis like its cricket team are an unpredictable entity difficult to be anticipated.

A full truck returned to Pakistan after the strike.

The blocking of the NATO official page on Facebook for comments can easily bear the testimony of angry Pakistani youth who commented nothing but SHAME on NATO page. The administrator had to technically deal with this huge influx of cyber assaults carried out by a fuming Pakistani cyber militia. Resultantly NATO official had to ban the users “what else they could do”?

One more nail in the coffin is required; Pakistan may also consider denying air space to ISAF and NATO for any operation in Afghanistan.

The stopped supplies for NATO will easily make them bleed from everywhere as now the Russians have also denied them supply routes after the expected failure of joint defence conference for missiles between US and Russia.

Two possibilities shaking hands can leave 130000 coalition troops starving for bread and bullet in the face of the fierce Talibani. What a pity!

On the other side of the border, two historic events happened in last 24 hrs, the traders union has banned all items in the Pakistani markets manufactured in NATO countries; the cable operators association of Pakistan has stopped airing BBC in the wake of a stupidly made documentary against Pakistan Army and ISI “The secret of Pakistan.

My dear 24 soldiers, you have done in two hours what we couldn’t do it in 60 years, united Pakistan in an unbreakable bond against all odds.

Pakistan should play its cards sagaciously from now on, boycotting the Bonn Conference is yet another brilliant verdict and Pakistani media should not undermine it.

The world knows that it is merely impossible to change the geography of a region in today’s free world. Nuclear Pakistan makes dismantling of Afghan-Pakistan relation nearly an impossible preposition, especially in the backdrop of strong religious similarities and a unique relation of a big brother with Afghans.

The Bonn conference without Pakistan is like “an idiot dog chasing its own tail” and Pakistan must have a firm belief that “dog will not be able to catch up”.

24 ~ You have indeed changed the course “Well Done Soldiers”!

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