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Friday, October 21, 2011

Prayers on awakening

To the eternal creator of the world

Eternal maker of the world, who rules over night and day dividing up our daily round to ease the body’s weariness.

O night light for wayfarers
Which distinguishes night from night, the dawn bird now sings aloud calling up the light of the sun.

Holy day star unveiled by him, drives darkness from the face of heaven and malefactors in their troops abandon now their brigandage.

Sailors gain strength as he appears, and the sea’s waves grow calm again; hearing him, the Rock of the Church Christ Jesus our only Lord and Saviour, [Peter] weeping, mourns his sin.

Let us arise then speedily.
The cock awakens those who sleep and rouses up the drowsy ones; the perjurors are accused by him.

At cock crow hope is born again, and health returns to those who ail; the brigand hides his dagger now, and faith revives in apostate soul.

Jesus, look on those who waver; and, looking, help us to be firm; under your care shame fades away and tears wipe out the stain of sin.

O light, shine now within our souls and torpor fly from every mind; and at the dawn our voices rise
in songs of prayer and praise to you.

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